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So... Where would I travel, well definitely Chicago is my top choice for sure. I have bunch of good friends there, and with great public transportation system, I can pretty much go anywhere without cars! (A pleasant surprise coming from Detroit, the motor city!) And the best of all, the city is more diversified than any cities in the State of Michigan, in my opinion. So, there are variety of great restaurants with diverse authentic ethnic foods! I mean, I'm not much of a foodie, but I enjoy Szechuan & Korean foods! Well, anything spicy for that matter, I suppose. And Chicago has great Chinatown that have various Asian restaurants.

I am traveling with Sanshin to Chicago for Board Meeting over the weekend. Well, the Amtrak Wolverine trains, which connect from Michigan to Chicago, could use a bit of window washing for sure. But it is still somewhat nice scenery.

Sanshin on Amtrak 01

From Detroit to Chicago isn't too far and it's really cheaper to go by the train than with air plane with so many security hassles. The one thing I worried about is Sanshin's vulnerable head part, but with head cover (Ten Cover), doubling cloth bag inside the soft Sanshin carrying case, I think it's gonna be fine!

Sanshin on Amtrak 02