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I'll be attending board meeting in Chicago, for a Catholic non-profit  organization that I work for tomorrow. So, I will likely to be busy packing tonight.

Anyways, there, I will be playing a very popular Catholic hymn (song) called "All Are Welcome" with Sanshin!

Since  I didn't have a hymnal book in my house, I played by ears by watching it on youtube and started  to write it down, so may be other folks who are learning Sanshin can use  this as a practicing song. This is the first time I'll be posting PDF downloadable link, so I'm hoping it's gonna work.

Anyways, I didn't have a special program to write Sanshin Music in 工工四, so I just used regular spreadsheet. Which didn't let me express how the rhythm goes with the song. So, for rhythm, I suggest you'd watch the Youtube.

Click the following link to download 工工四 for All Are Welcome hymn!
All Are Welcome 工工四 PDF