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What shall we noted when we select custom curtains

The curtains play an important role in home decoration, so, many people are very careful in selecting curtains, then most people may do not know how to select face a lot of kinds of curtains, then how about custom Shower Curtains? Many young people feel the price is not expensive in selecting Custom curtains, but eventually told, but found not a small number, so the custom curtains must pay attention to some of these issues, so as to avoid trapping.
The belt of Custom curtain, the belt made with common cold, does not spend much money, but the business will tell you twenty dollars for one, if did more, naturally, a big loss, so be sure to pay attention to this point.

Rome lever or slide areas, under normal circumstances, the price of Rome bar is ten to forty dollars, while the slide is six to thirty yuan each, businesses in this area generally do not increase, so you can rest assured to buy, just pay attention to the number.

Accessories and decorative yarns, accessories should look cheaper, and decorative yarn and fabric is about the same price, the buyer is best to say how much money the business, and then talk about, which is more conducive to saving money, buy your favorite curtains.

Hook, and most require buyers attention. The algorithm is very subtle hooks, many businesses do not understand the advantage of buyers choose custom cb2 curtains skill vague concept, and ultimately for consumers to spend more, in fact, does not take a few curtain hooks, but not according to the number of businesses you buy hook to calculate the price, but according to the width of your home windowsill to count.