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Michael Moore is more known for his Fahrenheit 9/11 film. It's a shame he's not known for Sicko, one of the best documentaries ever..

White people held socio-economics against everyone bow it's coming to bite them in the butt and now they cry lol

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Academy Award winning director Michael Moore is back with WHERE TO INVADE NEXT: a provocative comedy in which he will stop at nothing to figure out how to actually make America great again..


Michael Moore in TrumpLand is a 2016 documentary film by Michael Moore about the 2016 United States presidential election campaign. The film is based on a..

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Yes, unfortunately this is probably what happened. The very passionate Michael Moore gets it. It still of course requires a solution and democratic politicians have to start doing their job, or it will happen again. Look after your middle and working class America..

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I want to see this. I loathe trump. But loathe David hogg and the angry lesbian teen as well. Dilemma.

Buff Guy: I’m tired of people saying America is great. Why? Because I can kick your ass? moments later Buff Guy: I don’t care who you are. I’ll fight you in the damn street..

Michael Moore
Soon to be a box office flop. I think that people are tired of politics in general. No matter which side it comes from.
30/01/2019 · Top Grossing Documentary - Political Movies at the Box Office.
Retarded director XDDDDDD HAHAHAHA Wtf is the point of this for the funders???? Retarded business.


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oh le beauf
This was a great documentary, it covered some very important facts. There is however one big fact that really stood out. When one of the guys diaries was flound it sad he 'Fantasied about hijacking a plane into New York'. Does anyone else feel severely disturbed by this? I mean no disrespect but is this a possible idea that sparked the tradgedy just 2 years later??.

Quite possibly the most compelling movie trailer I've ever seen. How often has a political shift of the magnitude we are living through today been so concisely and effectively explained in only four minutes?.
Bernie Sanders was the man they were looking for
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See the show Ohio Republicans tried to shut down. Oscar®-winner Michael Moore dives right into hostile territory with his daring and hilarious one-man show, deep in the heart of TrumpLand in the weeks before the 2016 election..
Thought I was watching the Star Wars episode with Jabba the Hut
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Requiring to own a gun ?
Boooooring... Usually a trailer will grab the gevaudince's attn. , But this one I couldn't finish it. Even though I have purchased MM book and documentaries, I think he lost his edge a long time ago.
Michael Moore is a savior for the Democratic Party. I would 100% vote for him if he ran for president!
Trump is a terrible man! I'm so pissed that someone so evil would •Lower the black unemployment rate •Lower the overall unemployment rate to an all time low •Raise the GDP 4.2% •Raise the economy to where its booming and the best it's ever been in decades •Denounce the KKK and Nazis as evil people •Has been working on protecting the people from illegal alien gangs that have been killing hundreds of Americans •Changed taxes so people who have lower incomes got more money back •Has put multiple different sexes and races in office •Fought to change Obamacare so people of low income who cant afford it aren't hit with heavy fees •Has improved race relations and became the first President in decades to meet North Korea to work a deal out •Has made changes to illegal children being separated from their illegal families at the border •Has denounced the racist killings and repositionings going on in South Africa against white people where their Leader has openly chanted for the death of whites That definitely sounds like someone who's evil, sexist, racist, and only cares about himself and his money....

Can't even finish the trailer. Moore is living in the bubble of his own fart.
People voted for Bush and Trump despite what this idiot said. He's useless.
Fahrenheit 11/9!
Trump cultists don't care about facts. If Trump says 1+1=3 and I say 1+1=2 then the cultists will just scream fake news.


We don't regret brexit stop shit talking.
Lets all laugh at America. How the mighty have fallen. Once were leaders of the free world, now the idiot nighbour that likes to drink their own dogs jizz.
God bless Michael Moore
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Trump only cares about white people

Anyone know the name of the first and last songs?? Thanks!

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‘Fahrenheit 11/9’ trailer: Michael Moore movie takes on.
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Trump is definitely more entertaining than Moore.

moore plans to protest the inauguration.well they need to make it clear to him in no uncertain terms that if anyone gets hurt or any cars are destroyed by any protests he organizes or leads,he will be charged with inciting a riot,and if anyone dies he will be charged with accessory to murder!.
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When is America going to be great again?
Lol biggest propaganda I’ve ever seen.. you’re a sheep if watch this nonsense
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Capitalism: A Love Story - Wikipedia
Fake news
I still don’t understand the bowling link to shooting


If there are any people you'd like to see represented here, please e-mail your request to mail@boxofficemojo.com.
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Lost their cars, homes, kids but I can VOTE? That's the dumbest $hit outside a Trump Tweet I've heard all 2018 LMAO
Michael Moore in TrumpLand review: A record of Moore's one-man show. Michael Moore spares no one in his nightmarish portrait of American betrayal,.

I think Michael Moore is richer than Donald Trump. Oh the irony! 😛

#boycottamerica until lying pos trump is in jail.
It will feel good (the rest was censored) for a day, a week, etc.. until you find out he is for himself and his rich criminal friends.
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Coulda been worse... we could’ve had Hillary in the White House.
Love Michael Moore... Can wait for the movie! Orange turd will be twittering away about it😂😂
Wow.....so much truth to this video.
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I'm against Trump. I dont agree with anything he's done. But Moore nailed it. We ignored the hungry and tired. They responded by saying I have nothing left a d nothing left to lose.

Just watched it on Netflix. Amazing documentary. A bit biased, but it really exploits the flaws of the whole gun thing to generate an argument (a good one at that)..
MM=33, all are freemasons and work hand in glove. The World is a Stage!