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The running rate at which the website gets load is very crucial. It also impacts look for engine's positions because google things to serve most appropriate material or information to its customers in smallest time possible. Providing hyperlinks of the sites that are slowly is not a wise decision and so fast running sites are rated on top by google.

As and when the number of segments, elements and plug-ins used in the Joomla ! centered website improves, the running rate of the website reduces.

Optimization of a Joomla ! Website/Blog -

1] Website Structure

The first and major factor to look at enough duration of improving the website is the framework of the website. This includes - the HTML code, the URL framework, headline, and Meta data.

The most prevalent issue in any badly enhanced website is the routing program of the website that is not visible to google. Search look for engines are easily able to identify hyperlinks included in JavaScript and Flash and so it is advisable to offer plain HTML or CSS centered routing program in the website.

Moreover, google always like the sites having clean URLs. Some factors that should be considered about joomla component development are -

- The Title tag and Meta information labels should have main search words.

- The Title tag should be only up to 60-80 figures and Meta tag up to 200 figures maximum.

- The most essential factor is the Meta and Title labels should be different for every websites of the website.

- At least two or more sections of material in a web site should be appropriate and fresh. The keywords and words should not be stuffed in the material but it should be used in a balanced way.

- The Webpage of the website should include unique and eye-catching material with Primary search words.

2] Picture Optimization

For any website or a weblog, pictures and other design used are a significant part. Perhaps, if used properly the website looks better and eye-catching but if used unnecessarily it can reduce the running rate.

Hire joomla developer customers make a biggest error when they try to re-size images in a text manager itself. It is a bad way of placing pictures because the picture will be resized using height, size, HTML or CSS factors but it will be loaded of full-sized by the web browser and then will be resized before being proven to the customers. This means the full-sized image is being moved to the reader before proven to the guest. Also, if pictures are resized in the web browser, it appears to be blurry and of low quality. The fix for your issue is - the pictures should be exactly the pixel dimension as to be proven in the final web page on the website.

3] Joomla ! Cache

Before releasing a Joomla ! centered website it should be taken care that Joomla ! Storage cache is being triggered. This helps to increase the running rate of the website.

After setting the cache type in the Global Settings, it should be examined that the cache plug-in is triggered by going in the Plug-in Manager. Sometimes, though cache is allowed the plug-ins is left out impaired. Another factor to check is the order of the plug-ins should be correct.

Other than these three factors, many other factors need to maintain before and after making a joomla website development ! site live.

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