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Returning to the problem of Ryotaro Shiba, he wrote novels that the public want.

The reason his novels became a bestseller that he wrote a hero from the point of view of the common people.

For example, Ryoma Sakamoto is a hero.

But he took it from the same perspective as the public do.

He wrote the way that they were not outstanding heroes.

The public were surprised and read his novels.

To give a sense of affinity by the public, he wrote historical person who was once a terrible villain was coming out of the country side in Edo, the same as the public.

For example, Isami Kondo worried like us, Toshizo Hijikata composed an unskillful “Haiku”, too.

All his novels were something like that.

However, only his last novel that different from before had almost historical facts, different from before, the public felt uneasiness in it.

Actually, he lacked this viewpoint.

Kamikaze corps looked like the most miserable from his perspective.

In fact, no one was crying.

Excellent young officers and men of the Kamikaze corps, the younger the better, the more the fight.

Kamikaze corps, the spirit of Yasukuni is God.

There is no such honor that God fulfills his mission and lives and dies for Japan.

Humans will surely die someday.

For example, if they will be tied to a bed at a hospital and die in their best health, when they choose whether it's both out of two, they selected the latter.

That also has the philosophy-like meaning.

It couldn't be helped that Shiba and the most of public couldn’t understand it at all, by a cause of the postwar education.

However, it is no surprise that Kamikaze attack for people who lived before the war.

Also, he misunderstood about the army at that time.

Although, he was a tank solder, told that the iron plate of Japanese tank was very thin.

At the end of the war, he was a second lieutenant, not lieutenant.

Also, he told so thin the iron plate of the Japanese tank that the bullet went through easily.

But it was completely different from the fact that Russian soldiers had more casualties in the Nomonhan Incident.



  1. The military power of Japanese 58,000

    death and injury number 16,343


  2. The military power of the Soviet 69,101

death and injury number 25,655


He told there was no such misery about the Nomonhan incident.

However, Japan was fighting bravely and never lost to Soviet army.

It is said that America landed at Kujukuri Beach in Chiba Prefecture were being advanced to the Kanto area in those day.

Shiba entered Tochigi Prefecture as a tank soldier to meet the enemy.

People in those days were running around to escape.

When he asked officer what to do, the officer told to step on a tank.

But an officer can't say such thing.

The Japanese army is an army protect the country so it can not be killed by the common people.

If it was, it would have been a joke or tell to have such readiness.

In fact, there is no case that the Japanese killed common people in such a way.

In an opposite way, he told that he became desperate to hear this, had once again questioned for this worst military.

Actually, his identity is a monk of the “Nenbutsu” sect that have pessimism.

He considered a matter pessimistically because he told that Japanese will be destroyed, would not look at the bright side of Japan, would not mention about Japan Shinto, interviewed monks, though.

When we think about “National protection”, we should learn Japan Shinto.

Buddhism preaching can be said that just run away, on the other hand Japan Shinto preaching confront the enemy like a Kamikaze corps!

Shinto preaching that there is a God who protects Japan, because Japanese must protect the God.

It is clear in Japan Shinto that protect to the Emperor and Ise Shrine in Mie Prefecture.


Ise Shrine



So those who believe in Japan Shinto and sayings and doings are respectable, awesome.

Therefore, Kamikaze corps appeared there.

Japan Shinto preaches that everything in this world is “God” showed.

The God of Japan Shinto called “Yaoyorozu no Kami” is “all things have a spirit.”

Because, Kamikaze corps appeared believed that they were “God.”

But, Shiba denied this fact.

He thought there was nothing stupid like a man who can believe that man is God.

Actually, that’s for him.

He was desperate for himself, so he became a demon face in his later years and died.

The root of that despair is his thoughts of pessimism.

Because Constitution theory he wrote is meaningless.

The most important point in the Constitution of Japan is that our country is land of the gods.

If we do not understand this, can’t understand the meaning of war and anything.

Also, being a fiction writer, Shiba couldn’t that Emperor who unbroken imperial line will rule.

He thought that the country is a group of individuals, and that totalitarians hinder individual freedom.

Because the Emperor is a God, we are also God.

It doesn’t make sense to prosper that idea if it’s not spread.

There is no such thought in country is a savage.

Hegemonic nation kills races that do not obey themselves.

Japan is a country lasted 2,800 years in this way.

Japanese tradition is the lifeline for Japanese.

If we destroyed the Constitution, we must build it based on “customary law.”


“Long live the Emperor!”









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