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It is the philosophy that born in India is assimilated as Japanese philosophy.

It seems to be understood somehow, I wonder if it really so.

This is “Dharma seals” is as follows.

“Shogyou Mujyou” means all things must pass, all worldly things are impermanent.

“Syohou Muga” means idea that all things in the universe lack their own unchangeable substances.

“Nehan Jyakujyo” means enlightenment leads to serenity.

This is the essence of Buddhism and the introduction that understanding for called “Sunya” means emptiness.

“Sunya” dose not mean nothingness.

“Sunya” is totally different from nothingness.

“Mu” means nothingness that it is a word for existence.

“Sunya” means emptiness that is no reality.

“Sunya” is not a concept but a verb, actually!

It is only in the side that judges, so that there is no “Zero” in the universe.

Judgment of whether or not is no good judgment.

It must have a balanced, then.

Which is right or not?

The right way of thinking that can get absolute existence beyond living and death!

If you could understand “Sunya” means emptiness, your judgment would become high-class, as a result.

In other word, you would be wise in true sense.

If you took the judgment incline one side, your life would be like this.

Once Confucius said, ”Not only I can’t understand about death but also I can’t understand about living.”

Chinese have no view of life and death.

It is the greatest fear that the attachment to living there will be born and die.

If you judged incline to death, life had no meaning, which were wrong.

The judgment of those who know “emptiness” is nothing wrong.

We should know our life is “emptiness.”

This Indian philosophy has been completed as the philosophy that Neo-Confucianism.

It is the way of life that doesn’t stick to the living or death.

The great Japanese, Heihachiro Ooshio, Takamori Saigo, Yukio Mishima who appeared as a result of the practice of Neo-Confucianism.

Once Bushi liked “Zazen” in Japan

It is effective as a bridge of living and death, the origin of behavioral science.

The philosophy of “emptiness” in Japan is actually more than effective as the philosophy of “Chu dou” means “Middle Way” in Buddhism.

It can be said that Buddhism is consistent with the essence of Japan Shinto that affirmation of the present world.

The secret of Buddhism is judging has no bias in everything!








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