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Rotten potatoes, metacript and creeptics in general gave movie bad ratings and its truly good movie, actually it have many fans...but how those creeps can properly judge movie anyway, most of them are so boring themselves that you would escape their company in very short time, can you imagine something as unfunny as critics party!!.

The Wind and the Lion should have been mentioned. Just saying.

It's shocking how a 2003 film has better CGI than Justice League...

there repeaters (Winchesters)

Connery playing Marshall O'Neil In Outland should of got an honorable mention.

My favorite part thank you!

1:36 The first AVENGERS in history

Why is his role in DragonHeart not in the honorable mentions at least? He did a great job as the character of Draco.  

Definitely the 007 performances. No deny, that was the best Sean Connery performance alongside Henry Jones Sr from Indiana Jones.

ONLINE.AN.EXTRAORDINARY.gentlemen extraordinaires



Alan Quatermain League of Extraordinary Gentlemen


00:59 how did she changed her hair so fast?

Love his Great Performances.

one of my favorite movies
liza bytyqi
First Knight, Entrapment and Rising Sun don't belong on this list at all. I would replace with, The Hill, Robin and Marian, and Finding Forrester. That the The Hill wasn't even mentioned tells me whoever put this together is uninformed. Family Business is a close 11th. The bonus film .....The Red Tent.


He call bemo to tell him run wtf

this is a marvel movie
God, Hyde's character was way off. Not nearly English enough for one thing and not half as brutal. Hyde literally raped someone to death in the comic. Yeah, they couldn't get away with that in a PG-13 movie, but surely they could have made him more sadistic or savage. He died eating Martians alive! Smashing...simply smashing... Yes, that's how British comic Hyde was..

need more of these movies

oh my days what is that 😐 so terrible
I'm missing Marnie and The Offence on the list.
Imagine a young Sir Sean as Marshall Montgomery and Christoph Waltz as Erwin Rommel in a movie about the WWII north africa campaings.
In the comics Hyde would never have called Nemo for help. Or be that friendly..
havent seen this film!? is it good ? :D
A far, far better treatment of Mina than she was given in the misogynistic comic. The movie exceeded the comic in so many ways.

i really wish they would make a second one! city
The dark lords brother he has a nose at least kinda 😂👃
До 2:19 смотреть всем кто пропускает день ног, а после, тем кто злоупотребляет стероидами)
The fact that this man was only nominated one time for an academy award , shows you just how political and worthless those dumb awards are. He should have won at least 6 of them. Hollywood sucks..

I love it how he voiced Draco in Dragonheart.

An Extraordinary Gentleman completely free of charge and without registration.
this beat is off the hook wut is it?
where was the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?
Love this movie