it's been three days since i came back home from america.

amazingly i havent felt any reverse culture shocks and could readjust to japanese life.

nothing was new to me. it was as if i had lived in japan for this 9 months instead of maryland.

however, suddenly i felt sad today by visiting the cities in tokyo.

in short, everything is too much for me.

at cafe, a station, a many words do the servers say toward to one customer?

i dont need the explanation so much, i really wanted them to leave me alone.

even after trying the clothing on, i had to explain why i dislike it and do not reach to get it to the server.

plus, i had to try it on with putting my clothing was totally unacceptable. how can i see the size of the clothing with clothing on?

i felt tight badly. i could not do anything without caring others once i go outside.

well....i felt ppl or the environnment steal my freedom to do every single thing i wanna do.

unconsciouly i was ( and am) stressed out and depressed.

plus anybody looks busy, sad, and unfriendly.

wanna go back to america. get me back the freedom of doing stuffs.

the only thing i wanna speak out is tokyo sucks.