nostalgia OKINAWA.....


Does anyone see the Commercial Message "KIRIN Beer"??

There shows that a brand-new life of one retiring man

who says.....

I graduate from Tokyo

and he starts to live in rural area where is cloth to ocean.

How cool choosing he selected!!!!

Also I remember trips to Okinawa last year.

Luminous ocean, local specialities ( that makes me feel healthy and reset body!)

warm temperature, unique hospitalities.....and relaxing sound of ocean.....

There are countless goodnesses in Okinawa.

I am really proud of the area like Okinawa here in Japan.

It is so distinctive place in the world maybe.

I've tripped so many countries so far and I also visited places

so called "rural area" of the country

but Okinawa is not same as one in other countries.

What factor does enchant me so much?

I do not know but the all of the atmosphere fascinate me everytime

as I feel same feeling to South America that is one of my favorite places.

At once I have to ponder what happened now in there

and how to protect such a beautiful and unique places from other country( U.S. maybe?)