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I can not do

I can not do


Strolling in the winding mountain road, all the customs of mountain forest, enjoy quiet and serene charm, my soul at the moment and the mountains so close, my blood surge mountain charming atmosphere .

The tired confused happy in a tree, steadfast steady feeling is rippling in the heart lake; light up a withered and yellow leaves pressed into the warm hearts, can will some one thing keep in memory; in the mountains, looking for a place, in a comfortable position lying or sitting, you can feel the happiness and happiness is dense in the humid air in the fragrancehair loss treatment .

I was reluctant to leave the forest, every time I don't want to go, I really don't want to leavesmartone .

If I can be a breeze into the mountains how nice! I can rest, at every corner over the mountain, see green wave of ups and downs, enjoy the flowers everywhere, view leaves dancing. Gently caress the forest warm face, attachment forest generous chest, was intoxicated with the fragrance of shallow.

If I were in a tree, a flower, a tree grass the bravo! Always be light of heart from care living in the mountains embrace you, no matter how the world changes, I live in the mountains a warm harbor. I want to grow on grow, want to blossom will blossom, to spread far spread far, not bound to take one's ease. About romantic love for the mountains every legend, with my beautiful decorated trees.

If I were a happy bird mountain of the beautiful! Every day in the forest before jumping, all day and night, color for the mountains sing, the cold season won't affect my passion and vitality, because the forest is my shelter and heaven.


Maybe when I leave the forest, when returning to the life and work, I have painstakingly the service service busy, but the forest forever in my blood, in my soul.

I don't aspire to "face the sea, with spring", I have a dream that one day, built a hut and his beloved people deep in the mountains, the mountains together picking leaves, see Yunjuanyunshu, together with the flowers Xie flowers, listen to the birds sing to the wind, together with a walk in the woods, together forever. Don't leave, so keep the forest lived a smoke curl, enduring as the universe like day, this is how happy, how happy things......