Our love turned | I can not do

I can not do

I can not do

You quietly, figure from our love through, but have already engraved. Looking at you far away, there is a sense of loss has slipped my heart. You pace, is I, never behind in the distancemodular cubes store.

In October, the sky was clear, autumn night. Purple haze rendering the sunset, smoke flying cloud. Fleeting time, you are the one and only limited edition, smile relapse into my life. Never thought that one day, streams of people busily coming and going of the crowd, I have not see your shadow, I got one hundred years of solitudecovers for samsung galaxy.

The trees are green appearance has been gradually replaced by the brown yellow, can not stand this night frost blighted ground, litter. This autumn, people like busy go some hasty, haven't got her a quarter downtown store down, just in front of us overTranslate English to Chinese.

Our love, like the autumn go, a turn, the second half of life is no longer able to hand in hand.

That year, we are in the same university graduates fell in love. With fiery graduation certificate, the red dream, we decided to work in the same city. Later, after several twists and turns, I went to a company to do the work I like, what they want. And you, also in the city in a primary school do people respect the gardener.

Under the same sky, we are flying dream, love will fly. The passion burning years, every breath is your taste, go in your heart of the journey, each step is dense like walking in the cloud, let a person infinite rapture.

Sometimes, love is a moor, once in could not help. Just like us, be most willing to fall in the abyss, but have no intention to escape.

In the sunny days filled with heart, we got a paper - red covenant marriage certificate. I ask you to safely seated, take the train to the enduring as the universe, to accompany me to the end of life......

Just want to us in the years ahead together with ups and downs, wander, no longer in the crowd across each other, don't worry about the surging waves swept away. Life on the road with you, really very fortunately things. My heart all moved and indeed have sally forth in full strength to love in every possible way for you, deduction and pity.