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Amazing. A full-scale war where nobody died! Except for the fish... poor fishy... :D

@jcw1369 it was a better time, a happier time...

has game informer ever given a game 10/10? I mean seriously, 9.5?

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1:10 that look... LOL!

Homer you definitely need to do Etihad first!

So that's what happened to that oil rig before superman came along and saved those guys, i do like an origin story :P

i was expecting a dinosaur, when it suddenly says based on real story. then i said to myself, my god dinosaurs are real....
Super Video Homer, ich verfolge schon eine ganze Weile deine Videos. Du hast mich erst dazu gebracht, das ich emirates für meinen bangkok Flug gewählt habe. Leider hat es nur für die economy gereicht. Aber seit dem ersten Flug sind schon weitere gefolgt, sodass ich bald ein Business upgrade mein eigen nennen kann. Bin total begeistert von Emirates, du bist wahrscheinlich beruflich unterwegs und kannst oder musst auch auf andere Airlines zurückgreifen. Daumen hoch und weiter so.

Everyone must watch this movie, full marks

They forgot to add China, Rome, Carthage, Macedonia, and etc. What a shame.

It looks intense and has Malkovich, Russell and Wahlberg. I'm sold.

That is Dumb,The Easier,The Better

cabin is not full in this film cabin is empty not counting you. :D Whole cabin only for you. I'm jealous. Thank you for films. First Class is really luxury.

the best movie trailer in the history of youtube !
wow. Beautiful animation. Epic.
Who's here because of Dylan O'Brien ? :D
So how much BP is paying for this?
Another wonderful video by You Homer3152,and for me is a real pleasure ,helping me to dream at least ,some comfortable and relaxing trip! Anyway I'd like to see by you some review and video flying with european company,like Air France ,British airways,Alitalia and so on.Very well impressed by swiss air and Lufthansa in your past videos! Thank you for posting and have a nice summer!.

more than everything Free Stream Without Registering.

u play without friends right? because it isn't what i see...

Is this for USAIN BOLT??😂😂😂
no one kill anyone.. they just knock out each other
if your a noob 
Except oil does not come from dinosaurs.
LOL so funny
Guys. The movie was just as good as this trailer. Awesome movie. Actually, it was much better than the trailer..
The Winter Comes After Autumn.

Dylan Love
Amazing shortfirm, omg
xD the teletubbie demon killed me! Sending this to my friends
I swear this game NEVER fails to impress.
Heroes????? How tf do you figure??? Yeah, inspired by a true story, but nowhere near the actual truth.

I saw this film in geography 2 years ago. I need to watch it again, it's such a great film

Knights of epic?
damn that is one smart little girl.
Watch Full The Snow Queen: Mirror Lands amazon Pirate Bay
You don't have a good enough graphics card, monitor, or you're playing console. 
I will definitly watch this movie. Yeah Dylan acts in it, but the movie sounds really interesting and I like it that Dylan is now able to play more serious roles. I saw Mark just in Ted, so I´m really excited to see them both acting serious..



0:45 300
maybe he couldnt controll the helicopter. idk

armagedon 2 ?... miss bruce willis



Haha you talk shit saying I suck till you find out I'm better. Then you talk shit saying I have no life. Typical cod 13 year old.
we are watching Murica is drawning like deepwater horizon
Nope, choppers were so op back in the day.
The player for movie The Gulf there are three types available good HD quality 360,480,720 - you can choose any of them.

when are you going to fly EL AL?

that first fight is like when you r attacked by someone one age ahead 11
This was absolutely wonderful! I loved every minute of it.
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