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Loved Tom Hanks in BIG & Splash and my mom knows how to play the 1st song they did she tried to teach me how to play the song on her piano in my younger years :).
Semma brain director ku, all the best, and siva is my favorite


Who is #watching after #2.0 movie
Yup bringing my date to this movie....
They don't make movies like this one anymore!!
RARBG FUGUE, A LIGHT’S travelogues
It never ceases to deliver a shiver down my spine every time I see this trailer😘😘😘😘😘😘.
Best romantic movie of all time Rachel McAdams was amazing not enough stars to rate it I swear 
R.I.P Robert Loggia
Any watch in 2019
not quite my tempo

omg i just watched this movie and it's SO GOOD

What a memorable scene. Rest in Peace Penny Marshall
Rest in peace Penny Marshall...
It is better than bahubali 2 trailer ???
Wow, all these years I've been so focused on the main actors, I never realized how poorly the extras were placed between cuts. Watch the kid in the blue denim jacket @ 0:34 . First he's in the main group, then he's walking up, then you see him again walking up! You can also tell at @ 0:34 the group is large, then it shrinks, then it becomes large again..

bhai hm log ise 1 milloin like me pahucha de world record banao yrr
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I' from in Iraq
In your face Dance Dance Revolution


Came here to get the last few notes that Robert played when he first joined in. I always forget because i play by sound not by sheet music, lol. Need it for a song I'm making based on this song which I know is Heart and Soul Was always one of my favorite movies as a kid. RIP Rob.


Anybody else feel like this is Braid: The Movie?
Aaj 1 saal ho gaya is movie ka tiger abhi zinda hai 22.12.2018....
Without a doubt, the best scene in the film. This can never been redone, especially since F.A.O. Swartz closed earlier this year. What a shame too as this was a one-of-a kind store..
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