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0:46 Ted Bundy the bodybuilder? Also what's with the terrible music choice? this film is a joke

watches trailer: 10/10 would recommend

The problem with this trailer has nothing to do with Efron, or the footage used, or the dialogue used. The problem is the music. It sets the initial tone of Bundys charm, but never changes. It should’ve given some sense of impending danger and malevolence. Instead it just sounds like a Fast and Furious action montage. If you were to remove the music from this trailer, the tone would be much more clear. His charm would be there, but the subtle psycho vibe would also become very visible. Unfortunately the music pretty much nullifies the parts that are supposed to be unnerving. Idk why they didn’t get the memo on that..

Kind of seems wrong that they’ve made this film. Ted Bundy loved attention and that’s exactly what they’re giving him. The trailer seems too upbeat and almost glamourises him. 🙄.


I won’t be watching the Bundy Tapes on Netflix. Instead I will be reading and thinking about Ted Bundy’s victims. I wonder where their movies are. I wonder why their names aren’t raised. I get that Ted Bundy was handsome and his eyes were very blue but please. Please stop glamorizing him like this. He ended and ruined lives. Nothing about him is cool or worthy of emulation. Ted Bundy raped, tortured, mutilated and strangled over 30 females, including 12 year old girls. None of his victims weighed more than 115 pounds. Ted Bundy was a pathetic man. They were very real people with promising lives and futures stretched ahead of them, stolen. Please don’t elevate or whitewash this kind of rampant violence against women. I assure you the world is harsh enough for us without a new generation thinking Ted Bundy is a cool, fascinating guy..

Ted Bundy was a milk toast skinny wanker. Zach Efron is jacked af. This doesnt work at all. Zach should take a page from Christian Bale's book..
I was blessed to have experienced this love in my lifetime.


love how most serial killers are portrayed by disney actors
And here I am watching this trailer right after listening to the Sword and Scale podcast episode on Ted Bundy. It's some creepy shit..

I am here just to see Papa Het acting

I don't have a problem with Zac Efron playing him because he was a good looking guy so it makes sense that they want to be as accurate as possible but the impression I got from this trailer is that he's just some cool, funny guy who just so happens to have a dark hobby. I don't know if it's the upbeat music or how much emphasis they are putting on his charm but I really hope this movie makes him out to be the sick bastard that he was and not just some cute bad boy like a lot of Hollywood movies tend to do with murderers..

Ya’ll getting pissed over Zac Efron’s Ted Bundy as if the man wasn’t famous for his charming demeanour, and handsome features. He literally lured women to their death by smooth-talking. He was intelligent, a full ladies man-it’s what made him so dangerous, and why it took so long for him to be found out. He didn’t fit the profile of ‘’serial killer’’. He wasn’t old, creepy, isolated. It ain’t the filmmakers fault that some people are dumb enough to twist reality to suit themselves. You’re uncomfortable with the portrayal? Good. You’re supposed to be. Because now we know the truth. The horror behind the lovely exterior. Back then, people did NOT know, and found it difficult to believe such a well-mannered, good-looking man could be capable of the crimes he committed. The film is told through the eyes of his wife who refused to believe her husband a serial killer. It’s not painting Bundy in a ’’positive’’ light. He was arrogant, narcissistic, believed himself to be infallible. Efron seems to have nailed that aspect, at least..

I have been in 7 years relationship, he was my classmate in our junior high school. He is my first love, he hurt me and I know that, but every second I still think about him. Even though I have a boy friend already, yet the memories I have with him still remains..
The rock music used for this trailer is wrong. The music should've been more of a thriller-horror music. Not a classic rock music. That's why it makes Ted Bundy seem like a cool guy even though he's wicked, evil, and vile..

I know it from the get go, Ted was innocent and Zac Efron was behind all the murders!!


I cried all the way home! County Rd. 89...............🗼🗼 Stay away from them......I did!!!!!

T as in Troy? No, Ted Bundy
I love it

Better than the Time Travelers Wife. THE NOTEBOOK

Zac Efron is the perfect actor to play Ted Bundy as the real Ted Bundy was very good looking (like Efron)
I cried like a newborn in this scene.
“The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more, that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. And that's what you've given me. That's what I'd hoped to give you forever”.


The music with this trailer makes Ted Bundy seem like a high roller bout to make the biggest bet of his life in Vegas. Not a serial killer..
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Crazy how even Netflix put out a statement for all y’all nasty people on their official Twitter saying: “I've seen a lot of talk about Ted Bundy’s alleged hotness and would like to gently remind everyone that there are literally THOUSANDS of hot men on the service — almost all of whom are not convicted serial murderers.!” Just nasty....
Shittt after 3 high school musicals, I'd probably do the same, and go insane hahaha

Zac looks just like Bundy in this and he seems to nail the performance....but Ted Bundy was NOT ripped like in this trailer lmao. Of course they wanna sexualize him more but come on. He was mostly adorned by women because of his handsome face and confident well spoken personality but no we gotta give him some nice pecs and arms too for good measure lmao.

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Zac Efron is going to be amazing has Ted Bundy (Not that he killed people or anything)😂
Ladies listen up, stranger danger also applies to drop dead gorgeous men.

Billy Magnussen should play Ted Bundy at some point.

I cryed so many times love this movie


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