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Okay who has actually seen this? Is it good? Like I’ve never watched the original, but is it enjoyable?
what the hell are you talkkin about this is a movie there is more big wave surfing than step into liquid.
Same as the Ghostbusters remake, its going to suck.


Need sub indo
Pointless remake that I won't be seeing.
Ha ha haaaa! All the triggered conservatives! This movie actually makes sense with a gender role reversal (unlike Ghostbusters - which was just shit) I mean, who's interested in a twatty woman being put in her place in this day and age. Yes, SJW's are losers; but grow up MRA cucks.... it's just a comedy!!!.


This is a totally unnecessary remake when even the original 1987 movie was mediocre to say the least..
I saw the movie already so good
What a slap in the face of feminism! You mean women just need a man in their life & families are the aim of women after all? Shocker #JordanPeterson Love this film! This is a great remake, with a wonderful twist on the original played by the very talented, Eugenio Derbez. If you haven't seen him in the heartwarming INSTRUCTIONS NOT INCLUDED I highly recommend it, if only to show how important Dads are. They are not irrelevant, despite the shrill Leftist, feminazi voices..

I loved this movie. I was richer being poor with you than all the money in the world.

que buen churro , una mezcla de recien casado protagonizada con jaime camil y latin lover de mismo eugenio cuanta originalidad!!!

This is one of the worst remakes ever..... SMH

Prestur með ásakaðri fortíð og byrjandi á þröskuldi síðustu hjónabands var sendur af Vatíkaninu til að kanna dauða unga nunna í Rúmeníu og takast á við kraft óvinarins í formi ills anda..

No no no and no again!!
This is a great movie ruined by someone who is stupid trying to get people's likes. Why bother showing a movie when you won't show the right thing? You are an embarrassment to the entire human race. JERK.
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Love it 😍

I’m sorry but the scene where the person finds out the truth was done better by the remake. Now, I don’t know the actress in the original (I wasn’t born in that era) but in that scene, in my opinion, it seems as if she doesn’t know how to act. The remake, on the other hand, had much more emotion as you’d expect from this type of scene. I mean imagine, the “adoptive parent” builds a relationship with kids they thought was theirs just to find out the harsh reality. Not to mention the kids also build a relationship with that parent so it’s hard for them as well. I watched the original and her covering her ears and her (slim to none) crying seemed unrealistic; it made her look heartless. Literally, her covering her ears is me blocking out all the negative commentary by ignorant people about this remake 😂😂😂😂😂..

I can't believe they remade one of the best 80s movies....poorly. It was terrible. I really hope young people know this is a remake and go watch the awesome original movie first. This movie was just....bad..

Thank you

Watched it with least expectations.. And guess what paid me off well.. And turns out to be a good one...

I want to watch this... after 18 years of watching superhero movies. I'm ready for a change... give me some comedy films please...


This movie is very worth watching and I think Eugenio Derbez played was very Good 💕

pearl jam.. i am mine.
seriously? First of all, this is impossible to pull of these days with things like facebook and computers. No one is not going to be able to figure out who they are. Second... the race and gender swaps don't work at all. It made sense for a hot blonde to be disapointed that she was poor and worked. But a rugged looking middle aged Latino dude in America? To be shocked that he's middle class and works? Seriously? Cringiest moment ever. Also... the fact that he's told he's not the biological father... wtf. Oh... and it's hard to imagine these two people falling in love with each other, as opposed to the first movie where the two people both had movie star looks. This is just horrible. What is wrong with hollywood?.

Just saw this today, it’s perfect! I cried towards the end. A lot of folks on here believe that just because it’s a Mexican actor that Hollywood is trying to involve politics into the movie. I can assure you they’re not (at least not in this one). Trust me, THERE WERE NO POLITICAL MESSAGES AT ALL! Overall, great movie!!!.

looks God-awful.....don't know who the actor is....but he has NO screen prescence....blech.....won't pay to see this.....
To be honest, I haven't seen the original movie... but, Hollywood had made poor choices when it comes to remaking a old movie. Why did they choose Eugenio Derbez?!?!? I will just watch the movie only because of him....

One of the best comedy movie I've seen !!
Not bad as far as remakes go and it's currently on Neflix as well.
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Who tf asked for this..
Why mess with a classic. This is garbage.
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After watching the 1987 movie, there is absolutely no way this movie is even going to come close.
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This movie was actually really funny, I think they did it really well! Totally worth the watch! (:

people complaining should be happy. Nobody new the old Overboard movie existed 😂😂 And the ones that did know about this movie, didn't give a rat's ass about it 'till they learned a remake was coming out ...


Remakes are like the recent sexual harrasment arrests, they are popping out of everywhere..
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Well if a 3rd of the movie wasn’t in Spanish with no subtitles it would have been good
SOL-WAR - Sons of Light - Warriors Alien.
watched this because of Yuta ^^
very nice movie!! perfect for family.... funny as hell! and cute hahahahahaha

I admire Derbez, he is a great comedian and he is best at what he does, but unfortunately he doesn't fit in in this type of comedy, like I said he's great, but if he wants to make it in hollywood he's got to adapt to the anglo market he's aiming for..


this Christmas film was my childhood and my favourite Christmas films.
I wanna see this
I just saw this movie with cero expectations, but its actually really good. Yes it is a cheesy romcom but it is a good cheesy romcom. A huge improvement on Adam Sandlers RomComs..