New Kubo And The Two Strings


New Kubo And The Two Strings




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Seeing this in the theater was one of the most bone chilling scenes I’ve ever watched. Kubo is such a well done movie..
The 2 dislikes are from those evil twins
I'm seeing this, this Thursday. So excited! ^-^
awesome movie!
A movie that touches your heart in a mighty way.
The weird thing is that later on in the movie there is 1 sister
it's the lady from little nightmares
wow this was the best war movie I have ever scene.
replays trailer several times just to hear Lin's voice again and again and again

SPOILER ALERT For all who are questioning will her parent die too. The idea of the movie of her finding her parents and her friend Maui (I can't spell his name bit its that big guy).
meme big boy
I don't mean to sound like a war nut, but I almost cried on a few scenes...
Should've put Dinah Jane Hansen as Moana smh


Where's Lilo and Stitch?
Wow, not only does all that take amazing minds and technologies. But huge amount of patience. interesting video..
Apaixonada.. <3 Pena que só será lançado no Brazil dia 05 de janeiro :'(


I enjoyed the movie, l would have liked Hacksaw Ridge to look a little more like the real one. Over all, l really thought it was a good movie.
I feel like dieing

this looks interesting...maybe

Lin Manuel Miranda's voice is beautiful...
Its a wonderful movie
This scene made me chase my little cousin who tried to get out of the theater.
Laika = the old and good pixar
where are the strings
Is the sisters kubos aunts or mothers?