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Such a powerful trailer.

Here after the Oscar nomination.

EsaïeGregoryPrickett Classics Presents Fire At Sea!.

The comments here are appalling, it's a wonder what a life free of war and starvation will do to a person: render them so obtusely sure that they are worth more than others..


Where is the fire? I didn't see any fire. If it was called Dragons at Sea, we'd see dragons right?.

You have to watch it, people. GREAT documentary about each and every one of US.....
Humanity, the smiles and tears, the fears and hopes, the desperate longing that our souls have to treat each other with respect and kindness..
Start sinking them out at sea, they'll soon stop trying to flood Europe like stinking cockroaches. leaving there wives, kids, elderly parents to stay and fight while they run away to leach off others..

SERIOUSLY..everybody need to see this film..yo became a better person after this film
Stock footage over inspiring quotes from facebook: The Movie


Death + starving +war +rape+ suffering + destruction +incest + pedos and hate will always always = THE WHITE DEVIL. The end.
everyone makes documentaries on poor immigrants not one publicized doc on the bad effects of immigration?
It is a very painful and sad situation. But it doesn't mean Europe can or should take them in.
The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan in action.

Why haven’t i watched this yet! Looks amazing! 😯
Fire at Sea on at PeckhamPlex at 6 30 om Mon 10 04 followed by a Q+A Thanks to Bill
GREAT MOVIE! I saw it last night...Breathtaking beauty and pathos
Look at all of those Africans fleeing the brutal war in Syria.
Erect borders, patrol the seas and send all the islamic savages back to where they came from. We Europeans will defend ourselves against muslim barbarians, even if our governments refuse to do so..

The moment people stop seeing countries as separate with divides will be bliss. Think of where you live as Earth, along with everyone else here who is simply trying to live, not individual countries with barriers that stop us from seeing the human in anyone outside..
first human.
people vote with their feet and most ragheads flee from Muslim states to Christian White countries. The West is the best..
I see more men than women and children.





Let me guess, this documentary ends with Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot 3 minute monologue.
This isn't Italy or the wests problem. The Islamic faith is directly responsible for the chaos and turmoil in these countries that people are fleeing THUS the Islamic countries should set up refugee camps, set up Humanitarian aid etc. and help these people. YET the west is getting the blame. Typical! These people put their small children on boats in what is a much more dangerous situation than just staying in the country they are fleeing and play off the emotion of the coast guard by pleading help or my child will die. If your child dies it is YOUR fault, you should be put in Jail!.

Where can I watch this?
rapefugees are not welcome
what is the title of the music?
It's a beautiful film
02:22 is she wearing an octopus?
The style of this reminds me of Europe, she loves. Definitely need to watch this..
More refugees please. Sweden is now the rape capital of the world.....thanks refugees..
ew muslims carrying bombs under they're hoodie.

Globalist Soros propaganda .
What coat is the girl wearing at 2:05 ? That's all I want to know.
This movie really has stuck with me. It's phenomenal.
this is the type of documentary that you should watch in 1080p , oh humans , this put a smile on my face because it involves people from all over the world but at the same time makes me sad , why can't we be nice to each other and care for each other.