je chante a Japan expo 2018
I will sing at JAPAN Expo! July 6 and July 7
6th is 17:30
7th is 12:45

au P182 wabisabi art stage
6th is with 日原 史絵fumie hihara(koto )
7th is with  Gahô Takahashi(koto)

I will release my new CDs and photo albums at the Wabisabi booth before and after the my stage!

And I have two concerts in Paris. 
July 8th and July 14th.

July 8 is an idol style concert. A special guest 中島 渡waccha and Gaho takahashi

July 14 is an official concert of Japonism. I sing traditional songs in Japan and France. Fumie hihara plays the koto

I am looking forward to seeing everyone❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️