Japanese and Singaporean passports are the most powerful in the world with the UK's remaining fourth and USA's fifth


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  • The annual study ranks nations based on the number of countries their citizens can travel to without a visa ビザなしで渡航できる国の数に基づいて格付け
  • The Singaporean and Japanese passports are top as they give citizens access to 180 countries without a visa シンガポールと日本は、ビザ免除で180ヶ国に渡航できる第1位の国
  • Germany is second on list, the UK remains in fourth, while the US passport stays in fifth place in the table ドイツは第2位、イギリスは第4位、アメリカは第5位

The two countries have overtaken Germany from their 2017 ranking of fourth and fifth respectively to claim the number one position in the visa restrictions index compiled by law firm Henley & Partners.



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