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im so fckin happy right now i love these guys and tanya !
this trailer convinced me it's a fortune I don't have any children.
that one girl looks like a female Joseph Gordon Levitt 🤓
That girl from Split can't act, looks like she's always playing the same character.
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The takeaway: Living on an island can Fu** you up real bad
this will be the 5th last Anton Yelchin movie ill be watching.

3 bratty kids want to kill one of their dads because he is strict? ... Yeah, I am routing for the dad here to kick all their arses! haha...

Lol i heard the Department of Defense is replacing waterboarding and fingernail pulling with forcing detainees to watch this movie in 4th grade English vernacular.



Omggg.....Alton 😭

This looks dreadfully dumb...

This looks like a lot of fun to watch

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not gonna lie, this movie really stole my heart and deserves the absolute world. HIGHLYYY recommend for anyone who is going through anything or maybe wants to cry a lil..

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Any movie by A2A production , I will watch

Oh man, there's only one more posthumous Anton Yelchin film after this. Then it'll feel like he's really gone, he was such an amazing actor. I guess we will always have his films..

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Every time I’ve seen the ad for this trailer, I’ve watched the whole thing bc not only does the movie look amazing, but this song is so incredibly mesmerizing.

What just happened??? I watched the trailer and now I don't think I've ever been this confused in my life... 😂 😂 😂.

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This is fantastic. I'm watching it.
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Take me out to the black
Weres the reavers, kung foo mute girls and spaceships... Dint think much of this version of Serenity!.
I can't wait for more of your songs
Anya is a good actor but why do I feel like she's keep playing in the same kind of movie
Relax! It's just a game...movie!

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Well the island looks great...


Saiorse Ronan should win Oscar for best actress this year hit like if you agree.

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Oliva looks like Jessica Alba I love Anya Taylor
Is this the first time Anne Hathaway gets blond hair? it looks so beautiful on her
I didn't realize that Anya Joy had a British accent. Very nice. They imitate our accent well. It's amazing.
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