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「使いやすい電卓 Dentaku」は大きい4つの表示部を持つ電卓です。計算に関わる全ての値が常に表示されるので、ユーザーは不安なく正確な計算ができます!




"Calculator Dentaku" is a basic calculator with big 4-line displays. As all numbers in a calculation are always displayed, the user can calculate correctly without any anxiety!


"What numbers did I input?” "Was the number I input correct?” Everyone must have caught on such anxiety while using a calculator.
Dentaku is a basic calculator that wipes out such anxiety.
∙Dentaku has big 4-line displays, which are 1st-line display, 2nd-line display with an arithmetic operator, Result-line display and MR-line display. As two input numbers, an arithmetic operator and a result number are displayed all together, the user can check the calculation at a glance. Therefore the user does not feel any anxiety in calculation, therefore, calculation errors are dramatically reduced and your valuable time will be saved!
∙Dentaku equips the set memory in addition to the general independent memory. The set memory memorizes calculation history of all sets of calculated two input numbers, an arithmetic operator and a result number. The user can easily recall calculation history by tapping arrow keys. The recalled calculation history is displayed on the calculation displays.
∙A number in the independent memory is always displayed on the MR-line display.
∙Dentaku equips ⓘ button, from which the user can check information including instructions and calculation examples .

∙12-digit displays
∙3-digit comma markers and a decimal point
∙Percentage calculation
∙Constant calculation
∙Copy and paste through clipboard possible
∙Dentaku doesn't require any special operations. Anyone can use Dentaku easily.