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President Assad's Interview with Japanese TBS TV, January 20, 2017.


H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad gave the following interview to the Japanese TBS TV channel:バシャール・アル・アサド大統領は日本のTBSテレビチャンネルの以下のインタビューに答えました。

Question 1:  Thank you Mr. President, thank you for availing us of this opportunity to know your perspective of what is happening in Syria, and the future of this country. First of all, I have one question: now that the Astana talk nears, what do you seek and expect from this conference?

質問1:大統領、ありがとうございます。この機会を設けていただきありがとうございます。シリアで起こっていることや、この国の将来についてのあなたの見解を知る機会に感謝します。 まず第一に、私は一つの質問があります:


President Assad: First of all, you’re most welcome in Damascus, and I am glad to speak to the Japanese audience for the first time during this war on Syria.


 We don’t have expectations, let’s say, we have hopes from Astana, that it’s going to be a podium for talks between different Syrian parties regarding everything, but I think it’s going to focus more at the very beginning – it’s going to be the priority, as we see it – is about the ceasefire in different places in Syria in order to protect lives, to allow the humanitarian aid to reach different areas in Syria.

私たちは期待はしていませんが、 「アスタナ会議に希望を持っている」は 議題になるだろうと思います。



 It’s not clear yet whether this meeting is going to be about any political dialogue, because it’s not clear who’s going to participate in it. 


So far, it’s about talking between the government and the terrorist groups in order to make ceasefire and to allow those terrorist groups to join the reconciliations in Syria, which means giving up your armaments and having amnesty from the government. 


This is the only thing that we can expect in the meantime.


Question 2: And do you accept the formation of transitional government to be discussed in this conference?


President Assad:  Anything that will be discussed should be based on the constitution, because it’s not about the government and the opposition or the government and the terrorist groups; it’s about every Syrian citizen who has the right to define the future of Syria. 



So, in our constitution there’s nothing called transitional government. You can have regular government that represents different parties and different political entities in Syria. This is our proposition. 

ですから、私たちの憲法には過渡期政府と呼ばれるものはありません。 シリアの異なる政党と異なる政治組織を代表する正規の政府を持つことができます。 これが私たちの提案です。

So, yes, if anybody wants to join this government, what we call it national unity government, this is viable for every party outside or inside Syria, and after that government, you can talk about, let’s say, legislative elections or parliamentarian elections, that would be followed by another government later, which is based on the results of the elections.

 だから誰かがこの政府に加わることを望んでいるならば、我々はそれを国家統一政府と呼んでいます。これはシリアの外または内のすべての政党にとって実行可能であり、その政府の後に、議会の選挙または議会選挙、 その後、選挙の結果に基づいて、別の政府が後に続くでしょう。

Question 3: New United States President Mr. Donald Trump is going to be inaugurated soon. What do you expect of Mr. Trump, and what kind of policy change do you expect from this?

質問3:新しい米国大統領ドナルドトランプはすぐに就任するつもりです。 トランプ氏は何を期待していますか?これからどのような政策変更が期待されますか?

President Assad: As you know, he’s one of few American presidents that weren’t in politics before.


 Most of the previous presidents, they used to have certain kinds of political jobs or positions. 


This one is not so. If you read different media, even the American media, they look at him as unpredictable, because they know little about his vision. 

今回は違います。 アメリカのメディアでも、さまざまなメディアを読んでみると、トランプ氏のビジョンについてほとんど知らないので、彼は予測できないものと見なしています。

The only thing that we have that we can base our judgment upon is his rhetoric during the campaign, and if you want to pick up the thing that we can say that it’s good in those rhetorics is our priority today, which is fighting the terrorism, and that’s what he said, 

私たちが判断を下すことができる唯一のことは、キャンペーン中の彼のレトリックであり、今日、テロリズムと戦っている我々の優先事項は、それらのレトリックでは良いと言えるものを拾いたいと思うならば、 それは彼の言動です。

President Trump, he said that his priority is to fight ISIS. Of course, ISIS is one of the aspects of terrorism, one of the organizations;

トランプ大統領は、彼の優先事項はISISと戦うことだと述べました。 もちろん、ISISは組織の1つで、テロの側面の1つです。

 when you talk about ISIS you have to talk about al-Nusra, and you have so many Al Qaeda-affiliated groups now within Syria, but he meant by ISIS, I think, the terrorism, so I think this priority that he put is very important.




 So, we expect, and we hope, that the next administration will be genuine in implementing this rhetoric regarding the terrorism and help not only Syria, because the terrorism today is not a Syrian problem; it’s a Middle Eastern and global problem. 

だから、次の政権は、テロに関するこのレトリックを実践する上で真実であり、今日のテロはシリアだけの問題ではないので、支援することを期待しています。 それは中東的かつ世界的な問題です。

So, we hope that they are genuine to forge a real and realistic alliance to fight the terrorists in the region, and that of course will include Syria first of all.


Question 4: And I have read one interview in which you mentioned lobbies in Washington DC. They are disturbing the policy change, you think so?


President Assad: It’s very clear that the mainstream media, the different establishments, the different lobbies… this is one combination, one combination that they don’t need to see any change, because they have their own interest in the policy of the United States, in the destructive policy of the United States that we’ve been seeing at least for the last nearly 17 years since George Bush came to power in 2000.



 We only see the United States launching a war, directly or indirectly through proxies, and those different companies, lobbies, media, they have interest in this kind of problems. 


It could be financial interest in most of the cases. So, it’s very clear today that they are going to put obstacles and to impede any direction of the policy of the new 

ほとんどの場合、財務上の関心事になる可能性があります。 それで、今日、彼らは障害を置いて新しい政策のあらゆる方向を妨げようとしていることは非常に明白です

President regarding either fighting terrorism or respecting the sovereignty of other countries, or even having detente around the world through the good relation with Russia, or with any other great power, like China, for example.







President Assad:  First of all, if you want to be very transparent, ISIS was created under the supervision of the United States, whether in Iraq in 2006; before it was ISIS, it was IS, Islamic State, it was in Iraq only, restricted to Iraq. 



Then when the conflict started in Syria, it became ISIS, of Syria and Iraq, and later Turkey sponsored this State, because they used to use the Syrian oil fields in order to export and to get money and to recruit more fighters, and Turkey was directly involved in the smuggling of oil, with the involvement and complicity of Erdogan himself with ISIS.

その後、シリアでの紛争が始まったとき、シリアとイラクのISISとなり、トルコはシリアの油田を使って輸出し、資金を調達し、より多くの戦闘員を雇って、トルコはISISを後援したのです。 石油の密輸には、直接エルドガン自身が関与と共謀して関わってきました。

 So, we cannot expect to have genuine fight against ISIS by Turkey or the United States, and the recent, more stark example is the attack on Palmyra a few weeks ago, when they could retake Palmyra under the supervision of the Americans, under the surveillance of the American drones; they came through the desert and they occupied Palmyra. 





Today, we are talking, and ISIS has been attacking Deir Ezzor in the eastern part of Syria, and the Americans did nothing to stop ISIS.

今日、私たちは話しており、ISISはシリアの東部でDeir Ezzorを攻撃しており、アメリカ人はISISを止めることは何もしていませんでした。

 This is where the so-called international alliance against terrorism has been working for more than one year and a half now, and they achieved nothing, because they are not serious. For Turkey, Erdogan is Muslim Brotherhood, he’s instinctively and innately sympathetic and linked and close and adhered to the ISIS and to Al Qaeda because they have the same ideology, he cannot be away from them. He tries to do some maneuvers, to show that he’s against those terrorists, ISIS and al-Nusra, but actually on daily basis he supports those organizations, and without his support, they cannot survive.

これはいわゆるテロリズムとの国際同盟が今や1年半以上働いており、何も達成していないのは真剣ではないからです。 トルコにとって、エルドガンはイスラム教徒団体であり、彼は本質的かつ元気に同情的であり、ISISとアルカイダに密接に結びついており、イデオロギーが同じであり、彼らから離れることはできないからです。 彼はテロリストであるISISやAl-Nusraに対抗していることを示すためにいくつかの操縦を試みているが、実際には毎日その組織を支援しており、彼の支援なしには生き残ることはできない。

Question 6: In Aleppo, and elsewhere, your armed forces and Russian forces have been criticized for bombing residential areas, quarters, and hospitals from air. Would you say those human tragedies were inevitable to liberate Aleppo?

質問6:アレッポやその他の地域では、武装勢力やロシア軍が、住宅地、四半期、病院を空中から爆破したことで批判されています。 あなたはその人間の悲劇がアレッポを解放するために避けられないと言いますか?

President Assad:  Actually, the ones who accused Russia and Syria about the bombardment or committing crimes and so on are the same countries who supported the terrorists, starting from the United States, UK, France, Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, and other similar countries. Those who supported the terrorists directly through the media, through the politics, and through sending armaments and money and every logistical support, have no right to cry for the Syrian citizens, because they are the reason why the Syrian civilians, innocent people, have been killed during the last six years. This is first.



メディア、政治、テロリストをメディアを通じて直接的に支援し、兵器や兵器や物資を送ってきた人々は、シリアの市民、無実の人々が、 過去6年間に殺された。 これが最初です。

Second, our role, as a government, by the constitution, by the law, and our moral obligation toward the Syrian people and the Syrian citizens, is to liberate them from the terrorists. Would anyone accept that a government would see any area in any country under the control of terrorists killing people and destroying everything and implementing their hateful ideology, the Wahabi ideology, on the people, and expect the government to stand by and watch? 


第二に、政府、憲法、法律、シリア国民およびシリア市民に対する道徳的義務の役割は、テロリストから解放することです。 誰もが、テロリストのコントロール下にある国が、あらゆる人を殺し、すべてを破壊し、憎悪のイデオロギー、ワハビイデオロギーを国民にもたらし、政府が待機して見守ることを期待していると受け入れるだろうか?

Of course, if you want to talk the casualties, every war has casualties, every war is a bad war. Every war has blood and killing, every war, any kind of war; you cannot talk about good war, this is self-evident.

もちろん、あなたが死傷者と話したいのであれば、すべての戦争には犠牲があり、すべての戦争は悪い戦争です。 すべての戦争には血と殺害、すべての戦争、あらゆる種類の戦争があります。 良い戦争について話すことはできませんが、これは自明です。

 But if you have to resort to a war to fight terrorism, you will have casualties, unfortunately. We did our utmost not to have any casualties, but those who’ve been out crying for the civilians, did they present any shred of evidence about Syria killing civilians, or Russia?
しかし、テロと戦う戦争に頼らざるを得なければ、残念なことに犠牲者が出るでしょう。 私たちは死傷者を抱えないように最大限努力しましたが、市民のために泣き叫んでいた人々は、シリアが市民やロシアを殺したことに関する証拠を破棄しましたか?

 The other question: how can a government morally kill its own people? And if we kill our own people, the civilians, how can we withstand six years, as a government or as army or as President? This is not logical, this is not realistic.

もう一つの質問:政府はどのように道徳的に自国の人々を殺すことができますか? 私たちが自国の民間人、民間人を殺害すれば、6年間、政府、軍隊、大統領としてどのように耐えることができますか? これは論理的ではなく、現実的ではありません。

We are here because we have the public support. But at the end, as I said, there’s always casualties, and we hope that we can really end this war as soon as possible; this is the only way that we can save Syrian blood through.

我々は公的支援を受けているため、ここにいる。 しかし最後に、私が言ったように、常に死傷者があります。私たちは本当にこの戦争をできるだけ早く終わらせることを願っています。 これがシリアの血を救う唯一の方法です。








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