I Believe in God

I Believe in God

Little happiness in the morning could make your day brighter,
a good mood is what everyone needs,
try hard not to get in a bad mood ♪




Hey! It's been quite a long time since I updated this blog right.

Ever since the new semester came up, it's been really busy here.
Like, exams everyday. I got less time for myself.
Study everyday. Like, if the next day there are no exams, it would be very weird.
Well, sometimes I'm looking at my smartphone too much too that a bit wasted my study time あせる But we need some refreshing right!ニコニコ

And recently, I've been quite into tumblr too much lol
It's fun because I just discover that tumblr has so many funny jokes and pictures and awesome stuffs.
I've been quite into some Japanese YouTubers too, they're so funny and make my day!

So, we are counting down days before Christmas!
I'm really looking forward for Christmas as always.
Christmas is the best period of the year.
Christmas songs are played everywhere. And the decorations really make the Christmas feeling!

So I think that's it for todayあせる
Thank you so much for those who are reading my blog even though it's in bad english, thank you so much for those who are taking your time to comment in it too. Even though I don't really get Japanese, but I'm really grateful.
Sorry if I cannot reply しょぼん
Hi, it's been a long time since the last time I wrote here. Many things happened since then. And here I am back lol

So what should I write about first?

Today I just picked my report for the 11th grade at my school. Time flies so fast huh. It feels like just last month I just entered 11th grade and now it's already over.

Honestly it was so fun this past year. Especially in second semester. It was really really fun. I made many new friends in this 11th grade. They are so funny and fun. I'm really glad and thank God so much for His blessings.

Also in this semester my rank is higher than the last semester. I'm so happy. Together with my friend, we got higher rank than the last semester, and we always only got 1 rank difference lol she's higher.

I really enjoyed this year at school and I'm not really ready to become 12th grader. I mean, it's the last year at high school, we will become seniors and we must prepare for graduating, university or college and all. I'm not really ready for those. Even I'm still not sure what major I want to get in. I wanna try to get a scholarship or whatever, I really wanna go to a university in Japan, I wanna live there. But you know, it's so expensive. But I'm still hoping, I believe in God's plans, He has the best plans for me, so I shall not worry.

Okay, and actually I have some problems at home and it's really depressing. Even though from the outside it's really like nothing happened, but actually there IS a problem. I don't know I feel really depressed. I'm still praying to God, and I really trust Him. But I still feel depressed. I know it's not good like that. Actually I don't really like and I don't want to think hardly about this problem. But the most important thing for me to do is to keep trusting and praying to God. But that doesn't mean we do not have to do anything.

Um, I think this is all I wanna talk about for now. Oh yeah. Next week is my birthday. My sister and I still confuse about the dinner party and we haven't prepared anything lol. あせる
Happy new year all! クラッカー
Forget the sad things from 2013 and let's move forward for the better future of 2014!
Wish this year will be better than last year!
May happiness will be with you always and God bless you always! Well, of course God's blessings never end ニコニコ He is with us always!

Thanks God for your blessings in 2013! I love You ラブラブ

Hey everyone!
How are you doing?音譜

Today is CHRISTMASクラッカー

Around 2000 years ago, Jesus was born to this world as an ordinary human, He left His throne for us.
Let's thank Him for all His blessings and the things He has given to us, and for all the things He has done for us!
Thank you very much Jesus! I love You ラブラブ

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family, your friends and your beloved people ドキドキ