[Conclusion & Settlement] 

Today I brokered a contract between the buyer's Singaporean client and the Japanese seller.  The property was a vast land and house in Kamifurano.  And net banking payment is over.

 About 3 months ago.  .  This client was looking for land in Hokkaido.  He then sent emails to four real estate companies requesting a look at the land.  “Three of the four companies didn't respond very well. Only one person, Mika, immediately responded and kindly responded in English. So I asked Mika.  I was glad to ask you! ”

When I was contacted three months ago, I contacted several contractors as his agent, organized an introspection tour, and inspected various places from south to north over the course of the day.  .  About one hour like that every night by LINE or email for about three months about one place among them.  .  We have been interacting with each other carefully and persistently using English and Japanese apps.  Helps with price discount negotiations with sellers, explains the detailed contents of the contract in English one by one, explains how to do identification, creates a seal, and various other exchanges, finally greets today 

Also, regarding English, I've been communicating with clients in some sort of English so far, but it is difficult to make detailed and accurate interpretations.

 .  .  there.  .  I asked Ellie, an English coaching teacher, a fellow real estate agent this time. She interprets important matters and contracts.  It was great!  I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to her and thank you lie️ Ellie for being able to proceed with the agent team!

Today is 11/11/11. It is a lucky day to start the best things on the contract day!

 The contract ends at noon and then.  We went to eat steak with them together.  Eating steak in Singapore seems to be very expensive.  It was very delicious!

From there we went to the site together.  They were flying drones, looking at the land overview from the sky, and walking around the wide land boundaries.

 Then we went to the government office together.  I helped them with various reports.  Notification to the government office is a little difficult for foreigners.

 As the client requested, I immediately contacted a demolition company and a civil engineering company to make arrangements.

When I got home, my parents had a letter and a cake saying “Congratulations on the contract”.  I made a toast of "Thank you for your work today" alone.  My diet is closed today.

 It was a day of work today from the morning, but the clients were very happy and grateful!

 It was a very fulfilling day for Mika's real estate agent activities today.






。。そこで。。今回は同じ不動産エージェント仲間であり、英語コーチングのティーチャーのイハナ 英理子Ellieに通訳をお願いしました✨重要事項説明書や契約書の説明は、Ellieの軽快で素晴らしい通訳のおかげでスムーズに進んでいきました。彼女には心から感謝だし、エージェントチームで進めていく事が出来て本当嬉しい❣️Ellieありがとう🥰








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