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This was an ok movie. It was a bit long and drawn out. After watching for 2 hours , I felt completed cheated by the lack of a resolution in the movie.

Vanessa Marano is Samantha haha, they gave her a unibrow.

omg laura marano's sister!


Nerd Boy is a creeper and Nerd Girl can do better.




The movie is the only one that made me cry and laugh at the same time .

It was extremely shocking to me that an actress - who probably have never done IVF - can act this good to show how frustrated , sad , anticipated a woman can be going through all this agony . I still remember the faces of people in the waiting room at IVF clinic , the hope rising and falling ..

why is she so wonderful

wow never thought I'd see the worst depiction of sad boy bullshit in a movie with this title..... justkidding

Ewww...Jim Blushi? What a choad.