Sanma night !! | 元 midi 事務長日記
Tue, July 12, 2011 21:24:28

Sanma night !!

テーマ:七輪本舗( Japanese BBQ )
元 midi 事務長日記-Shichirin stove

元 midi 事務長日記-Sanma
Sure was hot day all day today but since I bought this today at the fish market .... うお座 Sanma( Pacific Sauly ) had to use this to cook チョキ shichirin cooker.

元 midi 事務長日記-~ BBQ
メラメラ as you can see 音譜 cooked very ~ very good with Japanese white charcoal チョキ
Then when your done with cooking ... simple 目 using the lid you can stop the fire.
元 midi 事務長日記-Done !!

メラメラ七輪本舗 Shichirin-honpo左矢印Check it out グッド!