BBQ Japanese Style !! | 元 midi 事務長日記
Wed, May 04, 2011 21:33:43

BBQ Japanese Style !!

テーマ:七輪本舗( Japanese BBQ )
元 midi 事務長日記-Pizza too ~
!? PIZZA to start with ~~~
元 midi 事務長日記-Harta-hata fish
This here is called a " Hata-hata " うお座 fish ... Have you ever heard about Hata-hata or Buriko? Hata-hata is a prefectural fish in Akita ( norther part of Japan ).
Most of people in Akita know about this fish and they all love ラブラブ it.

This fish is strange-looking and sticky cause it doesn’t have any scales ( I think ... ).
And the egg of Hata-hata, knowns as Buriko is popular and really tastes good チョキ

元 midi 事務長日記

元 midi 事務長日記-Sake
~ and of course had with Japanese sparkling rice wine お酒 and next the shrimp to grilled 音譜 and ... this big fish called the " Hokke " also popular in northen part of Japan and in between, since I think I'm Japanese had to have rice ( ~ in our we use ... " 玄米 " Genmai ) and with this ....
元 midi 事務長日記

元 midi 事務長日記
... 割り箸 " Maki-zushi " a hand pressed sushi ~ Yeah 音譜 still drinking ...........
元 midi 事務長日記-Makizushi

メラメラ七輪本舗 Hichirin-honpo左矢印Check it out グッド!
元 midi 事務長日記-Shichirin-honpo