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A Star is Born 2: A Star Goes Supernova
I am so lucky to hear your voice Sia keeping me away from my shadow
Another feminist flop remake.


EEW what women want brought me here
I love you sia Your magical voice!!
i still cannot even figure out if Natalie Portman can really act or if “academy award winner” is supposed to convince us all otherwise?.

lol MEN, amiright? Always with the Texas football throwing!

Like you love Sia

did black swan once


Jude blazing good

Jude Law: People think I changed my name to be an actor, which I didn't!! Neta-Lee Hershlag: giggles awkwardly.

to be honest Grace, we love Gaga, and no matter what or who she decides to be, we will still love and support her - it's a thing :).


Natalie......do you enjoy being a Witch ???


That looked really... Boring.

I had no idea this film was coming out and, this first trailer just blew me away! I don't want to see this, I have too! There is no way the academy is going to screw this one up.. #LaLaLandWasCrap !.

This movie and Little are a product of this inclusion wave that is happening at the moment, where Black people are being put in movie scenarios where we are used to seeing white people only AND IM LOVING IT. Proves how much better things cant be..

This looks really bad