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I wish I knew girls who craved an erection :<

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Don't you love it when a trailer doesn't give you a summary to the movie that it's supposed to summarize?.

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lonely dude


world is so unhuman this is real!

Beautiful scenery

I always find it confusing when someone says 'the world has become' what they really mean is 'my world has become' because all of that stuff was always there, there's always been dark and light, it's not like there has been an era of humanity where everyone was kind and peaceful and singing holding hands no violence etc.

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Is this that type of movie which 'intellectuals' attain orgasm watching while the rest of us sleep?
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I would only watch this for Kristen Stewart. Seems too feminist driven though.

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When was Certain Women created
no matter what everybody says Kristen is an amazing actress.
Certain women
I kept playing 1:43 over because it sounds funny.. aah.
what is the name of the song?
Good looking rich ppl feeling sorry for themselves. No thanks, I rather watch my own vomit dry.

Why do certain women date/sleep with married men even when they know man is married?
who makes this tralers, they either put everything in it or literally nothing comprehensive!
omg yes tom rosenthal
Since I know this Kristen Stewart is a Lesbian I will never ever will watch any of its movie.

Without a doubt, Stewart is an excellent actor.

Ghost Stories
Dang, that was one heck of a boring trailer.
certain women movie review
Why does men always look at this certain women
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i just wanna know if it's gay
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