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It's just a typewriter....

Basically, dudes with typewriters.


In my lifetime: imperial to metric, typewriters to tablets, carnivorous to vegan; it's all too much.



Can't find porn on a typewriter.. I'm out..

california typewriter movie trailer

keep trying


it looks ,,, interesting , i like ,, interesting

None of these people are doing any actual work on their typewriters.

John Mayer is only in this cause he used a type writer for writing all his songs on born and raised

This looks stupid
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California Typewriter Official Trailer #1 (2017) Tom Hanks, John Mayer Documentary Movie HD
I use the same type of typewriter just from a bit earlier. How cool.
A bunch of hipsters makin a movie about a bunch of hipsters
Judging from its looks at the very end,I could say that the typewriter that killed the man was a Smith-Corona Clipper from 1957-58.

Tom Hanks owns over 250 typewriters… who knew?

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Watch the hipsters come back from watching​ this.
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Ok, I'll buy a typewriter
We get it you're hipster af
I prefer pencils. Sometimes the wood smells good.
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Jesus this is like 2011 John Mayer hair
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RIP Sam Shepard
Nah, typewriters takes away the nostalgia of drawing the letters.


I have one of the old black heavy typewriters underwood it's now 50 years old and it was second hand when I had it
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the self sufficient over the efficient that deep. for the sake of efficiency where do we chain ourselves to an office. from 9 to5
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love hanks but 😂😂😂😂😂!!!!!!
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Whatever you and to call it. My mom used to type letters on a little side desk in the dining room on an old Royal and an IBM Selectric. I'll never forget the hum that that thing made. I could type before I could fully write because my mom would make us type Thank You letters to everyone who sent us presents. She'd also make me type up book reviews for the books I read. It didn't matter if it was Robert E. Howard and James A. Michener..

what's a typewriter?
california typewriter movie
I LOVE IT!!!! :-D

I have two!!!
what a boring trailer
Anywhere non-iTunes-ey where one could rent / purchase this online?
Tom Hanks should donate some of his typewriters to the Swedish Instrumental group, Wintergatan, so they can make better use of those for playing music. LOL!.
I hope the end of this movie is this dude jacking himself off with his typewriter

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, for your consideration: Get Off My Lawn: The Movie


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