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This is the only band i have NEVER Heard a song that i don't like

“Wish I could say Thank you to Malcolm” makes me tear up everytime RIP Mac Miller 💜


Does any one else feel this should be the video for The Enemy instead?
she preferred doggy style


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Thanks God i didn't watch the trailer before seeing the movie. I thought she was gonna fall in love with her i was wrong. It was cringewatching to watch when she got caught..
If I was her I would choose best friend not just for a hot guy

Holy shit.... Childhood ruined

a movie about mudsharks.

'Crying' Movie Watch Online!

I absolutely loved this movie, I couldn't stop laughing, crying and feeling again the emotion of being in loved again, and specially with your first crush. I’m so happy that I found this movie on my boxxy software. I want a part 2..

Go to 0:20 and paused it and look under kind I know right the maverick logo copyright Logan paul sue them