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This is what happened to salamander man in just 2 years

I wish I was in NH right now

These animals are just magnificent creatures

Im hispanic therefore I have been eating reheated rice for decades, never once have I been sick 😊.

evolution of ubisoft pless made hery this vedio

Гос.номер на Гелике, стоит как Прадик

That dog tho!

My first gameplay back in1999 in gta
Too wordy.

Харе скрывать имя блондинки ))) Тем более Татьяна имя очень красивое )))


I honestly would love to go back to 1st more algebra!.
More than 80% of people are there only to see the Roman Reigns... 👇
John is a man of pure focus, commitment and sheer will... something you know very little about..
Now he going to wipe out 50% of earths population
In the Lion king movie I'm not even sure what happened to Simba anymore...


0:15 Look at those muscles! :o
Got this from the description. ...Unlike other meat (like beef), chicken contains a high amount of protein... Got news for ya, all meat contains high amounts of protein. It's kind of what meat is..
Pitty the musak is one the nauseating dross mute level.
🦎🦎🦎that they must be as big as me because I am nine years old and I I am very tall I am 49.
Can we get a complimation of mark saying oh wow Also can we hit 50 likes.
Imma be weird That mander looks juicy and tasty



The little hands are cute
Fun fact vending machines kill more people than sharks
Fast and furious 10: the evils of Rick and morty
Where is VIN DIESEL...??anyway wt a trailer.....awesome...fantastic...mindblowing...😍😍😍
O próprio nome da música que toca no fundo já diz tudo sobre o filme: The Impossible dream o sonho impossível.
What song is at 8:54
Мужик на уазике просто в магаз проехал)))

Boi was just trying to cuddle with his main piece and y’all disturbed the whole thing smh. I bet we was HEATED.

2:30 MAX PAYNE 1 ??

Wait a sec... Why Bailey and Chandler so freaking adorable? Thanks for the likes lmao

3:35 when you find diamonds
Damn I just watched John wick 2. My hype insanely up to %100 after watching this.
This just says that it’s bad and shouldn’t microwave, they don’t provide any proof and the proof they do prove, it’s all not harmful
2nd largest XD
Девушка на рейндже великолепна! Такие результаты, несмотря на то, что резина на машине, если правильно разглядел, совсем шоссейка. И при этом она была чуть ли не единственная, кто заезжал не с разгону - мужикам должно быть стыдно! А мощность мотора тут вообще почти не имеет значения. Гелик просто шлифовал и болтался из стороны в сторону - фактически по возможностям и впечатлению тот же Прадо, только дороже. Так что МОЖЕТ здесь как раз не Гелик, а Рейндж!.

Fake science ,these are all possible extreme things that could happen but not probable just like you could be struck by lightning..

You Would Be An Awesome Salesman
Trouble people driving big 4x4 with wide road tyres don’t have better grip when slippery you just have a lot more weight to crash.
3:34 when your mom gets you chipotle and Starbucks in one day


I mean this is good but I would of rather had Shrek 5
You didn't break anything down .... What is the difference in practical terms?
If Chandler can't win any of the challenges for houses, money, or anything else, he should AT LEAST be able to pass the 2nd grade. But he can't even do that😂😂😂.

Music ?