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The greatest novelist of the last forty years is a cartoonist who can barely draw

It [began] with a character so sparsely drawn he barely exists, though you are intrigued immediately by the American football helmet he is wearing while sitting in an armchair.

He is joined by a scraggy-haired young man with a pencil for a nose and the letter O to represent his glasses. This is Michael Doonesbury and the helmeted football player is his new college roommate, BD. Little did their creator Garry Trudeau know when he sketched out that first awkward encounter between them, published on 26 October 1970, that he had just made comic history. Nor did he have any idea that he was embarking on a journey that would stretch into the indefinite future and that those scratchy beginnings would turn into a chronicle of modern times.

Read the full story in the Guardian, "Doonesbury quickly became a cause of trouble."

Forty years.

Well, not quite forty. Trudeau took some time off there in the 80s. But still…

I could write a book.

I should write a book.

Maybe I will write a book.

But for now, a post.

Or not.

How about I just link to several past posts?

Garry Trudeau's dance to the music of time.

Doonesbury disappointment.

Joanie, could you possibly set the bar any lower?

If you want more, and of course you do, Phil Nugent offers an appreciation and a retrospective in The 40 year ladies fake rolex watches old stripper. And NPR has an extended interview with Trudeau. Accompanying story includes plenty of vintage strips.

k, the DJ guy is Mark Slackmayer. I went through the first collection, The Doonesbury Chronicles, and couldn find the strip you describe. Mark didn start out in the syndicated comics as a DJ. He got his radio job just in time for Watergate to start unfolding so for over a year most of the strips that had him at the mic were about Watergate. Maybe the Jonathan Livingston Seagull strip was one of the original Yale Daily News comics. I don have my book of those here, unfortunately. It in the attic at my parents house. I have to dig it out next time I home.

DaveMB, the artwork certainly has gotten better. I don remember when it happened exactly, I think it Best Rolex Replica Watches was in the 80s, before newspapers started shrinking their comics pages, Trudeau syndicate got papers to give Doonesbury a bigger hole so the dialog was easier to read. But that gave Trudeau more room to add details to the drawings and to play around with the angles. The drawing got much better after that. But I think I also read that he stopped inking and coloring his own strips around that time too. At any rate, I used to draw and sketch a lot and my drawing is heavily influenced by Trudeau. The old Trudeau.

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