my journal writing about
small things.

It’s between us, but I had a 

Christmas party at home. 

The big event was gift exchanging. 
The cost is only 500 yen or so, and 
we couldn’t tell anyone the inside.

My husband was complaining about 
the low budget and seemed to be 
quite difficult to buy one.
It’s because he rarely buy a gift 
for somebody. 

The gift from my nephew was 
very classy, a bottle of Furikake. 
My brother in law who is a designer 
made a handmade stamp by 
a rubber eraser and it went to
his daughter! 

 Actually we could find many great 
gifts by the budget and all the more
it’s very interesting what you buy. 

the most valuable gift was already there. 
It’s the lovable all family and 
we realized that
it’s the one my parents gave us.