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FOR INTERNATIONAL EELS Text translation of the article on "JANG KEUN SUK THE CRISHOW ROCKUMENTARY" Yokohama Day 2

English translation: Marchneko-chan @yachan19870804

[NEWS] Jang Keun Suk premiered "Voyage" whose lyrics he wrote for his fans at the final show of the tour attracting 40,000 people!
[Korean Entertainment News]
Jang Keun Suk (29 years old), who is a person of multiple talents as an artist as well as an actor and is also extraordinarily popular among  a variety of generations and countries, had the final show of "JANG KEUN SUK THE CRISHOW ROCKUMENTARY" which he produced himself at Yokohama Arena on Wednesday July 5.
"THE CRISHOW" which started in 2011 had CRISHOW II in 2012 and CRISHOW III in 2015, having continued to express Jang Keun Suk's world view as his original concert brand.
This time, the compilation of three CRISHOWS in the past let the audience look back on the past performances and also showed them how Jang Keun Suk would face the future.
The venue darkened, horns blasting to tell the beginning of the show, and Asia Prince appearing on a coach with brilliant lights, eels (this is how his fans are called) welcomed him with a thunder of applause. Jang Keun Suk answered to cheers from them by saying, "Hello~! Yokohama~! Here l am~!" and then walked slowly on the extension bridge with his dog Sumi (a guy in a dog suit) while waving his hands.
This time the shows were performed on a 360 degree round stage for the first time at Jang Keun Suk's solo concerts. Also a live band and horn players were added to the performance where you could see JKS' strong passion for the stage directing and audio.
When the introduction of "Hello Hello" was played, dancers in costume of characters in fairy tales appeared on the stage and brought a lot of excitement to the venue with their cute dance. Next in "Oh! My Darling!" Jang Keun Suk shouted "Tokyo~! Yokohama~! Eels, your prince has come!" which lifted the audience at the venue even more. Although he had some trouble with his throat from the day before and said "I felt so insecure that l wanted to run away." Jang Keun Suk, being an excellent star, performed so well that nobody could believe what he said.
"Today is the last day of the show. Having four stages a week was very hard, but l received a lot of energy from you. I had some trouble with my throat but when I see you guys, I can't control myself. Cannot help but erupt!" Jang Keun Suk said so while looking round at 360 degrees on the stage. He also said with pointing at his costume,"If l have a chance, should l wear this costume at the airport next time l fly from Korea?" This remark made the audience laugh.
Next, he sang 2 ballads titled "My Precious" and "My guardian star." Fan lights the eels held and waved were gently shining like real stars and the whole venue expressed the world view of those songs, which was quite impressive.
At the beginning of the second act which let us look back on CRISHOW II, Jang Keun Suk appeared in a black costume and sang his rock numbers, "Crazy Crazy Crazy" "Always close to you" and "Let me cry" in a manner completely different from the previous one like a prince. In "Let me cry", a white cloth blew up and Keun Suk was silhouetted big through it.
After singing those rock numbers, he said to the eels, "You have been standing and working hard all the time, now you can sit down." However, when they started to sit down, he said, "Hey! Are you guys really sitting down?" His 'S-chara (sadistic character)' got set in motion as usual.
Then Jang Keun Suk said, "I had CRISHOW II here at Yokohama Arena six years ago. I was 25 years old at that time. How old were you then? (lol) I want to continue CRISHOW to 8, 9, and 10 in the future. I can continue the shows because l'm still as smart and cool as I was 6 years ago. (lol)" After saying those to praise himself, he whipped up the eels with singing "200 miles" which was speedy and energetic.
The 3rd act CRISHOW III which he looked back on and said in the interview video that he wanted to make natural and intimate stages was made to let the audience sit down and listen to "Wind" "The Alarm clock which doesn't ring" "You and the sky" and "Go back sweet home." Keun Suk also appeared in casual clothing such as jeans and T-shirt.
In his talk before singing "Go back sweet home" Jang Keun Suk said, "l always want to show you my perfect performance. Since I lost my voice, l was so stressed that l wanted to run away, but I am OK once I go on the stage. Now looking back on CRISHOW Ⅲ, l believe it was time for me to grow. I was so happy to get closer to you on the hall tour and thanks to you l have such wonderful memories. That's also because I am a genius, of course!" He said so with a proud look, which made the eels scream. Then he responded to their screams by saying "Well, oh well, well ..." with a little embarrassed look. "This is the song I want to sing with you all. If l say l'm home, what are you supposed to say?" Keun Suk asked. Then the eels replied, "Welcome back home!" and he sang "Go back sweet home". At the hook of the song Keun Suk and the eels sang in big chorus, which made them feel their strong bond between them.
"AND NEXT · · ·? " The video with this caption being played and the arena floor shooting into the limelight, Keun Suk appeared from one of the exits in the audience! From the album "Voyage" to be released on August 9 he sang "For you ~ the reason why I can hang in ~ " and " Darling Darling ". Then he introduced "Voyage" which is the title track of the album as follows, "The next morning after the fan meetings in Fukuoka, all of a sudden, its lyrics popped up in my mind. I could finish writing in about 5 minutes. Then after writing I kept thinking "What a genius l am!" for about 15 minutes. So, (in total) this song was made in 20 minutes. You can see the lyrics on the screens. If you clap hands together like this, it would be beautiful, so let's do it all together!" Jang Keun Suk showed the audience how to do it. They all came together and fully enjoyed the new song "Voyage", which wrapped up the main part of the show.
"Jang Keun Suk!" The chants of his name to call for an encore echoed throughout the whole venue.
Shouting "Thank you so much, everyone~!"
Jang Keun Suk appeared flying high in the air with using a wire. He sang "Bye Bye Bye" flying slowly from the center stage to the tip of the extension bridge. While looking around all the eels packed on the 2nd and the 3rd floors he waved his hands.
The venue came to a climax with "Melody we made together" the standard song for encore.
"You, eels are always the best! Please keep rooting and waiting for me from now as well!" Jang Keun Suk thanked his eels and wrapped up the tour of 4 stages in Tokyo and Osaka which attracted 40,000 people in total.
【Details of the shows
July 1 (Sat) Osaka-jo Hall 
July 2 (Sun) Osaka-jo Hall
July 4 (Tue) Yokohama Arena
July 5 (Wed) Yokohama Arena
【set list
 1. Hello Hello
 2. Oh! My Darling!
 3. My Precious 
 4. My guardian star
 5. Crazy Crazy Crazy
 6. Always close to you 
 7. Let me cry
 8. 200 miles
 9. Wind
10. The Alarm clock which doesn't ring
11. You and the sky
12. Go back sweet home
13. For you ~ The reason why I can hang in ~
14. Darling Darling
15. Voyage
- Encore -
EN 1. Bye Bye Bye
EN 2. Melody we made together