16Types' Personal Color Analysis 
from Japan


 1200HKD (2.5h)

Lesson flow


I'll ask you about your worries about 
fashion,make up and your goal.

 4seasons Analysis

Find the best season color group from Spring,Summer,Autumn and Winter

I'll check your suite color from
30 colours.

You'll find you are 
Yellow(warm) /Blue(cool)undertone
/Middle type.

Best Color Selection

  Find your best suite colours from 160 colours!


 Make up

 Make up for you with shu uemura.
I'll let you know the details after lesson.


You'll find 
Hair/Nail/Accessory color

Fashion Color Coordinate

I'll advise you how to color coordinate.



Gift for you

 I'll give you color sample card and advise sheet.

If you want color swatch books,
you can buy after lesson.
(400HKD each)

Let's become more beautiful🌸

I'm very looking forward to seeing you soon!