Kashiwamochi from my kids

(originally posted on 2017-05-05| 18:05:20)
Since it is prohibited to meet small children in my room, my kids rarely come to the hospital.
But today, on a Children’s Day,
as we promised, I was able to see them, after two weeks, at the common space.
They got some Kashiwamochi (a rice cake with an oak leaf) for me.
They were more excited to eat Kashiwamochi rather than seeing their mother.
But I was very happy to see them being as usual. 
As they were supposed to go to see their Dad’s Kabuki, it was quick.
But, on a Children’s Day, I got lots of beautiful smiles from my children.
I can’t eat Kashiwamochi, so I told them,
“let me have it later!!”.
Then, later, my older sister put it on my belly and took a picture,
imagining that it was already in my stomach!