(originally posted on 2017-01-21 | 10:42:14)




Good morning. 


I had a funny dream in my dream. 

I was laughing about something and got a call from my nurse asking if I was okay.


I felt bad about laughing so tried not to laugh, which made me laugh again.  

I was in a negative(?) spiral in my dream. 


I had many dreams in my dream.   




The last dream that I had in my dream was…


I was entering a small shop with my old classmates from the middle school.


We saw the shooting booth there. 


There was an instruction that you need to express your new year’s resolution by making faces.



I decided mine:

“I make everything fun”    


Here we go!  Cheese! 


And then my face looked really funny, which made me laugh again.  


It happened all in my dream. 


I had very clear dreams today. 


Fun, and I feel great!


Have a lovely weekend everyone 🎶