(originally posted on 2017-06-08| 07:04:43)

We received a beautiful dress from Ms. Yumi Katsura
for our girl Reika.
“Mammy, Look!” said Daddy.
And Reika showed up in this beautiful dress.
It was a great surprise, which pushed me to get out of my bed.
I tried hard to take a picture of her, then I tweaked my ankle.
This is a photo that showcases mother’s happiness.

I also wore the YUMI KATSURA dress at our wedding reception.
It is almost like a dream that
we, mother-daughter both can wear YUMI KATSURA dresses. 
I am so looking forward to taking photos of a seven-year-old Reika
at her Shichigosan.
Ms. Katsura, thank you so much.