Something to remember


(originally posted on 2017-03-13 | 14:51:02)


“You’ve been fighting so hard thus far.

So keep up.” 

My daughter said to me the other day.


Of course, 

she gave me a hug

instead of me giving the one.


My cancer has grown significantly over the last two months. 


It is the story between me and my girl 

when I once cried in front of her. 


How come I look better and better? 


The day before yesterday, I said to someone;  

“You look great! I’m happy for you!”


She said, 

“But cancer itself doesn’t really..” 

then lost the words. 


It’s all the same for me too.


“You can’t really tell who’s suffering from cancer, right?” 



That is why we take CT scanning to evaluate the treatment response. 

But I now know that those images do not necessarily show everything about me. 


Some invisible energy, 

karma, fundamental power, balance,,,

Doesn’t matter what to call them,


Something keeps me peaceful, 

Something lights me up, 


For now, 

this is enough, and it is important.  


I can’t change the results, 

But I can change my attitude toward the results.

It’s all about my mind!


I will never ever give up!




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