(originally posted on 2017-03-28 | 22:49:50)
Looks many people are not feeling well lately due to the change of air pressure, pollen, PM2.5 etc.
Are you okay??

Today, I read a book written by a doctor.
When doctors ask patients about the effects of medicines,
some patients respond,
“Not much change.  I don’t know.”
But compared to those, doctors see better treatment responses in patients who try to find a minor change.
I noticed something during the counseling sessions,
which was that
I believed “I am an insensitive person”.
For instance,
when I get a massage or Qigong,
or even about supplements!
I always said,
“My body is not very sensitive,
so I am not sure how it is working yet.”
At the time of delivery,
I impressed nurses that I had a high tolerance for pain!  
I have been enduring even cancer pain.
This is just the case that I was self-controlled by my assumption that I was insensitive.
I started to think that I was insensitive because of daily experiences in my childhood, but I got convinced when I met with my husband and witnessed his sensitivity every day.
I piled on feelings that I’m a really insensitive person.

I realized something.

It’s not like that I didn’t sense because I was insensitive.
It’s just that I only had one response of “I don’t know” because I believed that I was insensitive.
I will through my assumptions away, and will try to be sensitive to changes in my health! 
I was thinking this before, but forgot it.
Now the book has reminded me.
We are often controlled by assumptions…
I am sure I still have other feelings based on assumptions.