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We loved it! Perfect casting with Kurt Russell - he made a VERY cool Santa..

the point once you belive you die isnt even a part of the movie.. oh and the last 10seconds of the trailer, the girl in the tent. is the ending of the movie...


Really really liked it, a Christmas film that's fun. Ok can we have another story for Christmas 2019 or 2020? Depending on schedule.

Why is Luke Skywalker in this movie?


Looks SHITE.


Tulpa effect the movie


Worst.Acting.Ever. But that's what you get with Netflix originals.


Kurt Russel Soldier and Santa.

I'm not gonna lie, guys. I'm legit excited about this movie. To be completely fair, I'll watch anything with Kurt Russel in it. But still, this looks pretty good..

It would have been great had the movie followed the plot of the trailer. I was incredibly disappointed in the pedestrian nature of this film..

I know when the scary images are going to plp up. Im so smart :)

🎄This is my favourite Christmas movie so far this year. Can’t wait for Christmas this year. Merry Christmas everyone🎄.

it actually bothers me that Sebastian did this AFTER. CA: TFA 😂

I believed I could fly out the window...just getting out of the hospital.

Sebastian 😜😍

I started to watch 'Psychic Experiment but it was so bad I switched to this. The ending made about as much sense as 'Silent Hill'...

Wow. Ego really changed
Why must they keep drawing me like that?, I mean DOES MY BUTT REALLY LOOK THAT BIG TO YOU!?.
This movie was ok. It was scary at some parts.
The American Express movie... Talk about shameless product promotion!

Amazing! It's Christmas time baby, and Santa Claus is back in town... I love it when Kurt does Elvis.


انا شفته في التلفزيون ونقلت اسمه


Awesome! Comes out the day after my bday And i'm off work that day...i know what i will be watching :) 🌲🎄♥️
Liberals will protest this movie because its not culture accepted by everyone.

So excited for this movie to come out. Kurt Russell is killing it as Santa! This is AMAZING! ☺️😊

Best Christmas movie ever!!! Kurt Russell is an awesome Santa Claus.
This movie was lame; it went to quickly, it was short and not even that scary!!! But I do appreciate adding in The Grudge... c:
I was so pleasantly surprised at how good it was. Just finished watching it and loved the movie. Kurt Russell was a complete joy.. per the usual.
SPOILER ALERT FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT WATCHED THIS YET: Santa Claus put a tumor in the father's head.

Damn, and just like that Halloween is over and it's full on Christmas season

the *adorable amazing handsome guy with glasses is Malfoy from the HP series :P
That is so funny. Last the I watched Kurt Russell was in the movie Big Trouble in little China..merry Christmas.
I just want Macaulay Culkin to turn small again and we can get to watch Home Alone Reboot.
The trailer is scarier than the movie. It sucked. Wasn't even scary. It had so much potential
Wow I DEFINITELY haven't seen ANYTHING like this before! This movie is SO original!
The ending makes it look like entire movies plot was Santa Claus plan all along
was this a good movie?
Copy of the quiet ones?
i almost saw this movie, according to reviews, i'm glad i didn't waste time and money. they just threw every horror cliche for money and awards.
Right now I don't know about any good horror. Recently I downloaded Devil Inside - again the trailer looks interesting, but I doubt it wil be good. Horror genre is dead, I'm afraid :-(.