I went to see ' EAT PRAY LOVE ' at a theater finally はーと3つ 2

I have been interested in the movie since I knew Bali is one of the location because I love Bali はあと

Unfortunately I couldn't finish reading the original novel before going to see this movie, I thought it would be nice to do that, but the movie was so fun for me ハート

I love Australia

After I saw this movie, I started to think about ' balance ' in me ハート・ビックリマーク

This movie made me think about falling in love somebody does not always cause imbalanceface4

How do you keep your balance ハート☆?

I'd love to read this original novel written in English, too after I finish reading the book I have translated into Japanese because this is nonfiction star+kira*

This movie made me feel like going to bali 星

Looooooong time no see...雷

I opend my own aromatherapy salon, ' Mu Bodycare ' at my place star+kira*

I love Australia

It has been my dream to have my own salon since I started to study aromatherapy and when I went to Australia, I felt I'd love to make it come true as soon as possibleハート・ビックリマーク

I quit my job to start to run my own aromatherapy salon, it was a vital decision for me ハート☆

I like nurse's work so maybe I work as a nurse,too as part-time ニコ

Mu means 'your' in Indonesian ハイビスカス

Why Indonesian !? When I went to Bali, I just started to love there ♪

I love Balinese mood so I cordinated the room to feel Bali with balinese furniture にこちゃん

Mu Bodycare's web site : http://mu-bodycare.jp

Mu Bodycare's blog : http://ameblo.jp/mu-bodycare/

Enjoy looking these websites and I hope you visit my salon someday ハート

You're going to feel better, relaxed and your stress relieved from your body ↑↑*



Let me introduce my dog face4

I started to have miniature dachshundMダックスハート

I named him Toffee after sweets tast calamel chocolate*

I love Australia

I enjoyed the cherry blossoms as walking around with Toffee ♪

He is 4 months old, his birthday is 1st Dec 2009 ワン

I love him so much, he is always so cute even if he pees on the floor not on his toilet...くも

It's the most difficult part to have him to do doggy potty training 雷 I hope he learns it soon はーと3つ 2