Maho's Blog in Aotearoa

Maho's Blog in Aotearoa

Here I am in New Zealand, a country of the majestic nature in the southern hemisphere.




Holy crap.

There was a big earthquake in Christchurch.

Christchurch is in the South Island and the

city I live in is Wellington in the North Island.

So me and my city is fine, but Christchurch

has been seriously damaged and dozens of

people lost their lives.

I've been there. So have my mum and my brother.

It's one of my favourite cities in NZ and the

famous cathedral there is half-collapsed.

So sad.

Our Mufti Day money will go for this earthquake

next week.

Mufti Day, by the way, is when all the students

dont have to come to school in their uniform.

Instead of that each of them has to pay $2

to the school and the money us usually used

for a donation to something.

R.I.P for those who have lost their lives.

Athletic Day tomorrow!

My team colour is blue

so i got lots of blue stuff from the $2 shop :)

Valentine's day tomorrow!

i'm dressing like a fairy at school,

hehe :)