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'Bedroom tax' to fee Scottish tenants in housing perk £53m a year Something like 20 March 2013Last modified at Walk:38 GMT Share this article Delicious Digg Facebook reddit StumbleUpon Twitter Email Print 'Bedroom tax' to selling price Scottish tenants at housing edge £53m a year All the under-occupancy penalty for everyone on shelter benefit has long been dubbed some "bedroom tax" Continue reading the primary storyRelated StoriesSwinney urges reward reform rethinkCharity for 'bedroom tax' cash request Changes to casing benefit which are dubbed any "bedroom tax" could cost Scots council and even housing acquaintance tenants £53m each year, a study boasts. Families on houses benefit shall be assessed for ones number of suites they actually will want. The Scottish Local Government Community Against Poverty and Defenses Advice Scotland guesstimate that as many as 95,1,000 tenants could possibly be affected. The British government would like cut all the £23bn annual expenses for construction benefit. It proposes the occupancy criteria will clear up more home for already stuffed families not to mention encourage people for getting jobs. The hallux joint report on the outcome of survival reforms has been produced by the Scottish Town Forum To prevent Poverty along with Rights Tips Scotland. It claims that those hardest hit will be homes with small children, people with issues and personal housing owners of the home. 'Financial damage' The analysis stops working how many most people may be altered area-by-area and quotes that throughout Scotland 39% of homeowners of being employed age that receive lodging benefit happen to be under-occupying. Typically they will lose around £9 and £12 each week in reap some benefits. The highest per cent of under-occupancy is Neverwinter Power Leveling during East Dunbartonshire ( blank ) where 56% about working time tenants are taking housing benefit - since the lowest open for Perth and Kinross, at only 20%. Many of Scotland's local authorities have advised that they have very few one bedroom houses, which means they have to apartment single people during bigger residences. Dundee Council already has said it will never evict tenants what individuals get into reliable arrears since they are getting a reduced amount of housing edge. The report as well warns how the wider have an effect on of benefit brand new cars - such as a benefit top, child advantage changes and then changes so that you can disability permitting assessments - will add about £2.1bn in Scotland. Richard Gass, chairman Neverwinter Astral Diamonds involving Rights Advice Scotland, said: "Much of this public's anger happens to be turned on all of the unfair together with discriminatory 'bedroom tax' despite the item representing a lot less than 5% of the somme cuts simply being made. "While all of the unfairness of the 'bedroom tax' will make this understandable it is important that really do not lose sight of as well as larger debt damage really being inflicted by other calculates." 'Bedroom tax' towards cost Scottish property owners on housing benefit £53m yearly

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