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BBC film 'disturbed polar bears' A film-maker just who shot your BBC documentary regarding polar holds could be ticketed up to £5,Seven-hundred after Norwegian authorities said her methods troubled the wildlife. Jason Roberts was earning The Roman policier Bear Home and Everyone, in which provides were filmed from a distinct plastic mask. One attacked the therapy lamp and the Svalbard islands' deputy governor pointed out the team broke codes because they searched "like they are distressful the animals". Mr Roberts claimed he had "never worried, disturbed Elder Scrolls Online Power Leveling and / or injured" the contains. Mr Roberts was named as affiliate producer about the series, that had been fronted by cameraman and then presenter Gordon Buchanan and even broadcast regarding BBC Two around January. Svalbard deputy governor Lars Erik Alfheim says he had delivered a letter to be able to Mr Roberts revealing to him he will be fined to as much as 50,400 kroner (£5,700) within the province's environmental defense act. 'Giant ice cubes cube' "It says within the letter we've looked at the assembly by the BBC plus in some places there does exist footage appears like they are upsetting the livestock," he said. "The one that is however concern is the main one with the pack and this Buchanan work." In a new clip within the show, a fabulous bear can be seen uncovering at along with shaking this, dubbed typically the "ice cube", with Buchanan inside of. Mr Roberts was not accessible to comment but yet was estimated by Norwegian newspapers Aftenposten as telling he had worked alongside polar requires for Twenty-two years and probably wouldn't accept all of the fine. "I really enjoy them with never frustrated, disturbed or injured requires," he was quoted saying. A BBC spokesperson claimed: "We are aware of these kinds of concerns, but as they make reference to on-going discussions amongst the parties when it comes to Norway it would not Elder Scrolls Online Gold be proper to opinion further ." BBC film 'disturbed polar bears'

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