Central Outlet italia ralph lauren kentucky newsOnoct.19, 2012, Nicholasville police officer John Paul Rainey was on patrol in the Miles Road area when he spotted a subject.During the course of the investigation, rainey was shot in the back, but fortunately for him, he was wearing his ballistic vest, which saved him from serious injury or even death. Rainey was recognized during the nicholasville city commission meeting monday by the manufacturer of the vest, safariland and gilet maglione american body armor. Is one thing that we are all grateful for tonight, and this is john paul is with us, police chief barry waldrop said.Is a miracle in itself.We are all so grateful that he is here to receive this award.Reichenbach and robert young, representing the companies, presented rainey a plaque, and a range bag with t shirts and polo shirts, and reichenbach spoke of the dangers officers face each day. Is important for everybody in the city of nicholasville and to his wife and his family, reichenbach said.A retired state police captain who has been on both sides of polo ralph lauren italia shootings, any time an officer goes home at night, even if they don get shot at, it a good night. Of our employees are retired police officers, and we have employees whose spouses were killed in the line of duty that work for us;It a big deal when we have a save, reichenbach said.What we in the business of doing making gear to protect officers lives.Credited the training rainey has received for the good outcome. A testament to the chief and the entire department because any shooting that takes place, there a lot of things involved, and luck is one of them, reichenbach said.At the same time, the vest that my company made that john was wearing that night stopped the bullet that would have hit him and caused serious bodily harm or death, but that was one small aspect of the night.His training, his experience the department had got him, and all the time on the range and all the time in tactical training, all of that was part of it.His mindset in the shooting it hard to run toward someone that is shooting at you when everything in your fiber says, need to get out of here.He didn do that.He got shot and continued to pursue the person that shot him.To reichenbach, rainey was the 1, 826th police officer wearing his company vest who was shot and lived to tell about it.

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