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Meditation based on Bible truth

I am Japanese.  
I love Jehovah God and the Bible deeply.
I believe it's important to be faithful to the Bible.

This is Japanese woman Masako Katahira , the writer of Yohane no blog.

 I am poor . I don't have much money.

So I usually cannot go to another foreign country. I only stay at Yerevan and make up articles on my blog.

 Although I want to do UNHCR related job ,  I cannot do that job.

 Because I am a high school graduate.

Moreover I just understand English and Japanese. 

 That's not enough in Yerevan.

I don't get any money from posting Yohane no blog.

 I don't get any salary from the company of business using me as business tool.

 Recently my passport and smartphone,  bank card were stolen in Yerevan, Armenia.

 So I cannot get money from another person's right now.

 So I have to have any  bank account and visa card.

 I was helped by my Christian friends in Yerevan and  Japanese embassy a lot.


 I also get help from  Armenian police a little. They gave me two passport theft reports.

 They tried to investigate the passport stealing case.They proved that I am a victim by some Armenian Person.

Jehovah doesn't abandone me 

I appreciate it.

Masako Katahira