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I am looking for female Christians of any nationality who can share an apartment with me .I'm a Japanese female Christian.

I'm planning to move into Tokyo or Yokohama or Osaka around this summer. Please email me ,if you also want to find a female Christian friend like me. daughter-of-zion1029ing〇ch 〇=@protonmail.

I, Yohane is looking for a female Christian who can share an apartment or a house with me who love the Bible

I'm a Japanese Christian woman.

I read the Bible in Japanese and English and pray to God of the Bible every day.

I'm planning to move into Tokyo metropolitan area or Kanagawa or Osaka  around this summer maybe around the end of August.

It's okay to live in anywhere in around Tokyo or Yokohama or Osaka.

If you have big empty rooms in your house in Tokyo or Yokohama, Osaka, and if you are a female Christian, and if you like, I can move into your house and we can cultivate our faith each other. 

And if you don't mind, and if you afford to do that, could you also accept other female Christians? But for the time being, I'm doing things by myself.

Of course, I'm willing to pay room rent that you want.  I hope you set the rent cheap,


Or if you let me know your address, I'll try to find a cheap an apartment near your place and we can move into the place.


If you're a female Christian who love the Bible, any nationality is welcome.

Chinese and Korean, Western people, South American people, Asian people, South American people, Africans  are welcomed. 中国や韓国の方や、アジアの方、欧米の方、南米やアフリカの方も歓迎します。

In particular, Greek female Christian who has faith in the Bible is welcomed.


I also welcome Chinese Almighty God believers, former Jehovah's witnesses, former
Jehovah's witness' bible student. South Korean Presbysterian, Holiness, Quakers and so on are welcomed.

If you speak Japanese , it's great. But, if you don't speak Japanese, it's okay, if you speak English.

Of course, Japanese are big welcomed.

I hope we could read the Bible together once a week at the least.

I'd like to read the Bible in Japanese and English together.

I hope my roommates have faith that the Bible is God's word.


I hope to save the rent as much as possible.   So it's okay, if the residence is very old that was built years ago.

I hope we live to save expenses as much as possible.

I'm basically an English teacher, but I also want to build a career as a Japanese teacher. 

If possible, suburb is also preferable.

I'd like to find a place according to your response of this suggestion.

I'll decide on which place I live whether in Osaka or in Tokyo  or Yokohama according to the hope of those who respond my suggestion.

If you have any questions , don't hesitate to ask me. I'm waiting for your response.

Please email to  daughter-of-zion1029ing〇ch   〇=@protonmail , you who are interested  in this offer.

関心のある方は、daughter-of-zion1029ing〇ch   〇=@protonmailにメールをください。


I don't care for the nationality. So I'm pleased if you could teach me abroad website that we can find a female Christian roommate who love the Bible. 

If you could help me, I'm very grateful.